ZenAcademy ZenChests Summoning Will Go Live Dec 1

ZenAcademy’s ‘ZenChests’ is kicking off ‘The Summoning’ on December 1st. The educational platform turned NFT project is giving holders the chance to upgrade their membership. Furthermore, this will come with the ability for holders to get their future PFP in Q1 of 2023. However, players will have to choose if they want to burn their letters now. This is just the first round of new tokens, and summoning requires a burn.

ZenAcademy’s ZenChests will begin Summoning on December 1st. Credit: Nas Academy.

What Is The Summoning of ZenAcademy ZenChests?

To clarify, the ZenChests are the product of Summoning. They hold a PFP that will be available in the near future. Additionally, order to get a ZenChest, you need to have the Genesis or 333 NFT and then burn it. These were minted in November of 2021 and are now going for multiples of their mint price on platforms such as OpenSea.

Three multi-color chests hover in front of a dark blue background in support of ZenAcademy's ZenChests Summoning.
Holders will have to decide if they want to burn now or wait for future rewards. Credit: ZenAcademy Twitter.

What Is The Story Behind ZenAcademy?

ZenAcademy was started by Zeneca as a Discord for people who wanted to learn about NFTs. Now, the community has grown into a platform that has its own blockchain project. Holding a Genesis, 333, or ZenChest NFT grants access to the private discord channel as well as lifetime membership rights.

Interestingly, ZenAcademy has no predefined roadmap. However, the team responds to the community and improvises as they go along.

A bat is drawn on a purple card in support of ZenAcademy ZenChests Summoning.
The 333 NFT carries special benefits and exclusivity. Credit: ZenAcademy Twitter.

What’s Next After Summoning?

ZenAcademy continues to grow and affirm its commitment to its membership, and with PFPs expected in Q1 of 2023, holders are hopeful the product lives up to the hype. Finally, if they keep it up, they just might set the new standard for community utility in NFT projects.



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