Yuga’s TwelveFold NFT Collection Sparks Twitter Backlash

Yuga Labs’ Twelvefold collection sparks huge Twitter backlash from all corners of the web3 community. After the Twelvefold artwork was revealed, many web3 creators, builders, and influencers took to Twitter to announce their disappointment. Despite this, Twelvefold is still a top performing collection in recent times. Let’s hear about the views on the latest BTC NFTs from the community.

Twitter Reacts To TwelveFold

At first glance, the TwelveFold NFT project has similar characteristics (more or less) with Jack Butcher’s “Checks” NFT project. The Checks NFT project broke headlines as it soared through web3 as a statement about status and verified identity. TwelveFold on the other hand, not so much. Jack Butcher coincidentally has 12 “One Check” holders on his project, and updated the NFT metadata to reflect “TwelveFold”. Perfect meme moment.

Other tweets sparked debate about the subjectivity of art and how this compares to Checks and Art Blocks and other abstract collections. TwelveFold being a major BTC NFT abstract art collection, does get the benefit of doubt. Moreover, the collection is by Yuga Labs, and given their track record, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say somewhere down the line, this collection may actually make sense.

Top NFT analyst NFTStatistics.eth also comments how the artwork is underwhelming. The replies on this tweet call out Yuga Labs for the project claiming it a rug pull. However, Yuga Labs specifically announced TwelveFold as an art project – no roadmap, no utility. Hence, it may not be classified as a rug.

It isn’t a stretch to say that Yuga Labs has almost always delivered on their NFT projects and narratives. Why should this be any different? The brand’s infamous tagline “Never Fade Yuga” is a time-tested testament to its projects, skills and narrative expansions.

The future of BTC Ordinals and how Yuga may plan to expand this further into their narrative however, is still a mystery.

This meme takes the cake!

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About The Project

TwelveFold is a collection of 300 ordinal inscriptions by Yuga Labs that explores the relationship between time, mathematics, and the blockchain. The art system is based on a 12×12 grid and includes 25 different series of 12, each with its own motif. The collection is cyclical with four different color palettes: winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

Each piece will be inscribed onto a satoshi with a “satpoint” ending in the number 12, and the ‘postage’ associated with each inscription will be 12121. The satoshis used were sourced from a block mined by Terra Pool, a Bitcoin mining pool exclusively powered by green energy. Learn more here.



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