Y00ts NFT Artwork Finally Reveals: Take a look!

After months of delays, the y00ts NFT artwork reveal is finally here, and it is the talk of the NFT Twitter community. There are 15,000 y00ts NFTs in total, and the team behind the project is revealing a new image every three minutes. So far, 80 y00ts are available to view right now on the website, including some incredible 1/1’s. This is one of the most highly anticipated NFT reveals of 2022, and you can watch the reveal live. Furthermore, y00ts NFT holders can now use their ‘t00bs’ to mint their special NFTs and join the wider DeGods community.

After months of delays, the y00ts NFT artwork reveal is finally here!

The y00ts NFT artwork reveal is finally here!

In September of this year, the team behind the popular Solana-based NFT project DeGods launched a new project called y00ts. This was massive news for the NFT community as DeGods was breaking boundaries in the space as a Solana project, and the art was proving incredibly popular.

The new y00ts project offered similar glory, with great enthusiasm for the pre-reveal artwork. Consisting of 15,000 Yeti pfp colorful images, there was a huge FOMO to own a y00ts. The mint was incredibly successful and sold out almost immediately. 

However, in the following weeks, no y00ts NFT artwork was revealed. As the days dragged on into weeks, people began questioning whether this was a rug pull or if the release would ever come. Frank DeGods and the team behind y00ts also announced they were briefly taking time off following the mint, which raised concerns for many in the space.

Nearly two months after the original mint date, the y00ts NFT reveal is finally here, and the art is pretty good.

In a tweet, one of the project’s co-founders, @frankdegods, exclaimed, “@y00tsNFT has been the hardest thing I’ve ever worked on in my entire life. But nothing great is supposed to be easy anyway. y00ts is our love letter to the web3 community.”

The art is awe-inspiring, and one of the artists behind the project, @delilahdegods, has also produced a considerable article explaining the choices behind the design decisions.

They state that color and character were the yoots NFT project’s biggest challenge.

Ultimately, they decided to focus on primary colors and eventually added a neutral palette which is why the y00ts NFTs look so distinctive. Each character is a unique blend of vibrant colors and cool neutral tones. 

The team wanted an ‘aspirational’ character for the project. After trialing a younger DeGods character, a small furry bear called ‘Duppy,’ they eventually settled on the Yeti character. Deciding on the character took time before eventually settling on the yeti character we see now.

yoots NFT glasses and four boxes with artwork
y00ts was inspired by a wide range of traditional and modern forms of art.

y00ts NFT artwork reveal is a blend of web2 and web3

In creating the y00ts, the team wanted to pay tribute to the art that inspired them in the real world. One way they have done this is through the color block glasses some y00ts characters wear. Significantly, the glasses resemble famous works of art and logos. This includes The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, the iconic Apple logo, and other inspirational art pieces.

Each y00ts NFT is entirely different 

With 15,000 characters to personalize, creating traits that will offer true individualism takes a lot of work. However, each character has a lot of variety.

The color of the y00ts fur runs from a dark chestnut through lavender grey to pink and a bright green.

So far, we have seen some excellent traits, including –

  • Clothing – hoodie, bear coat, classic suit, cashmere turtleneck, hazmat suit
  • Hair/hats – windswept hair, camo cap, bandana, trucker hat, beanie, pyrite crown
  • color block glasses – Matisse frames, Warhols, pollocks.

Of course, there are other traits, such as fur color, facial features, and much more.

image of a y00ts 1/1 NFT that looks like a mountain
There are some incredible 1/1 yoots NFTs in the artwork reveal, including y00t #13175, aka Mt. y00topia.

1/1 y00ts NFTs are already appearing

Amongst the y00ts NFTs revealed, there are some remarkable 1/1 NFTs. So far, there is a ‘Renaissance y00t, a female ‘Queen y00t’, an ‘Ice Cream King y00t’, and others. One of these 1/1 y00ts has already sold for a considerable price this afternoon. y00t #13175, (Mt. y00topia), was sold for 500 SOL ($16,520) hours after its reveal.

What next for y00ts?

Now that the y00ts NFT project is fully live, it will be interesting to see what happens with the project next. The y00ts website is showing the live reveal and has several tabs at the top. Drops and mint are viewable, but Explorer, Staking, and Rewards are unavailable to view right now. In the coming weeks, y00ts NFT holders will find out what is next after the full artwork reveal.


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