Woodies Entire NFT Collection Is Available As Decentraland Wearables

Web3 entertainment brand, Woodies’ NFT collection is now available as linked wearables in the Decentraland metaverse. As the 9,739 NFTs in the collection hits the metaverse, the brand takes the crown as the largest wearable NFT collection available within Decentraland. With this, Woodies holders can not only use their avatars within the vast Decentraland virtual world but can also enjoy added benefits. 

Here’s all you need to know about Woodies wearables in Decentraland:

Woodies NFTs have officially made their Decentraland debut.

About Woodies wearables in Decentraland

Essentially, linked wearables are 3D versions of NFTs originating from outside Decentraland. Every time the Decentraland community approves an NFT collection as linked wearables, its holders will be able to use the NFTs as in-game wearables. At the end of the day, NFT projects have full control over how they utilise the feature. For instance, Woodies community can now interact and socialise in Decentraland as Woodies avatars. 

“Woodies owners can now experience their Woodie as an animated character in Decentraland,” said Richard Powazynski, Co-Founder of Woodies. “You can move throughout the world and interact with other users as your own personal Woodie. Since each Woodie is unique, your Woodie represents your own individuality and ethos. This builds on the emotional connection people have with their NFTs, and adds to the value of digital ownership.”

What is Woodies NFT collection?

Launched in September 2021, Woodies is an Ethereum-based NFT collection and Web3 entertainment brand from UltraDAO, a decentralized collective for artists. All the Woodies are generative art NFTs created by Des Lucrece, Jae-838, and the fine artist, Gossamer Rozen. What’s more, the project recently launched an animated short film, Woodies Origin, featuring Woodies’ story and its mission to experience and preserve the outdoors.



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