Winter Is Coming: Game Of Thrones To Launch Official Collectibles

The vast Game of Thrones universe is expanding with the launch of an official digital collectibles realm. Thanks to a partnership between Nifty’s – the eco-friendly NFT marketplace – HBO and Warner Bros. Discovery Global, fans of the fantasy world can now build their own digital NFT realm. Daz 3D, an industry-leading NFT strategy and development company, will also assist in the project. Game of Thrones fans can collect NFTs, such as avatars, equipment, weapons, gear, and locations, through a ‘packs’ NFT trading card system. There is no official launch date yet, but this is massive news for fans of the Iron Throne!

Game of Thrones NFTs are coming, and fans can build their own realm.

Game of Thrones NFTs are coming

Created by George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones is a vast fantasy universe with dragons, monsters, and more. The television adaption by HBO is one of the most watched TV series of all time and is a massive part of popular culture. Now, through the power of web3 technology, Game of Thrones is using digital collectibles to allow fans to create their own GoT world.

“Nifty’s is thrilled to be working alongside Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products to keep pushing the bounds of creativity and imagination through a new kind of digital collectible that will allow fans of the franchise to connect in ways they never have before,” explained Jeff Marsilio, CEO, and Co-Founder of Nifty’s.

Create your own fantasy realm

The realm-building feature is one of the most exciting aspects of the Game of Thrones NFT announcement. Basically, NFT holders can create their own realm, complete with their favorite characters and weapons.

You collect NFTs by buying packs or through activities and on-site engagement. Each pack will have various Game of Thrones NFTs inside. This could include equipable NFTs such as weapons, gear, clothing, and companions, which can be burned – or, more appropriately, ‘forged’ – to provide extra strength and support to your avatar. 

Finally, iconic moments, locations, and characters from the GoT universe will also feature in the NFT drops.


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