WINGS Team End Of The Year Report

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to look back at all the things that happened in 2019 and reflect on our accomplishments (and failures). For the WINGS team, 2019 has been productive and full of events: both pleasant and disappointing. Today, we’d like to share the most significant ones with you and summarize the whole year in a short article.

The year of 2019 started with unfortunate news: our project was going to be delisted from the Binance exchange. Frankly speaking, this was quite disappointing since WINGS was part of the exchange since its early days. The commitment of the team was never under question, and the quality and speed of the development were accelerating.

Sadly, we never found out the reasons for this action, neither did we get a reply from the Binance team. Yet, despite all the frustration and confusion, our team did not give up and continued developing and improving the ecosystem.

In March 2019, WINGS released Feather, which was our first open-sourced project, other than the WINGS protocol itself. Feather is basically a visual identity kit that enables the development of new tools and services for the ecosystem. It enabled users to experiment with their own DApps and applications, without spending too much time and effort on the graphic elements and visual aspect of the product development.

Sometime after Feather, another WINGS component was released and open-sourced. We are talking about the Lightweight Wrapper now, which is a highly optimized Ethereum RPC library.

The aim of creating this library was to simplify DApps creation as the Lightweight Wrapper made the whole development process faster and more efficient. It allowed users to optimize the back-end development of the DApps interacting with Ethereum.

As a result, we received a lot of constructive feedback from the users who peer-reviewed and tested the library. This allowed us to make the Lightweight Wrapper even more functional.

At the end of summer 2019, the brand-new WINGS DAO Protocol Upgrade was finally launched on mainnet after months of testing. What it did was enable our community to participate in the improvement of the WINGS ecosystem by means of voting for particular improvement proposals submitted by other community members.

So how exactly does it work? WINGS token holders have the possibility to submit their ideas on the upgrade protocol system and vote for the ones they liked the most. As soon as a certain proposal is approved by the majority of voters and funded by the community (if needed), the suggested code is audited, merged, and deployed. This is the responsibility of the Wardens, initially the Wings Foundation and later on, elected community representatives.

We were looking forward to this release for a while since it was a huge step on our way towards becoming a real Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Besides, it made our community more involved and gave us a chance to work together on the improvement of the platform.

Another initiative that we took last year was launching an educational blog about decentralized finance. This decision was fueled by the fact that while the WINGS Protocol enjoyed significant popularity during the public crowdsales “golden age”, as these crowdsales became more and more uncommon, the WINGS Protocol became rarely used. The team had been working for some time on designing a new system, focused on Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and we wanted our community to start getting to know the subject while we polish the details of the new system. We decided to divide our blog into two main categories: Inside WINGS and DeFi 101. While the former would continue dwelling upon the important events in the life of the team and the protocol itself, the latter would help educate our community about DeFi.

We have already published a couple of articles on the topic of DeFi, and we will continue to share even more here in our blog.

At the end of the year, we took part in the first Kharkiv Digital conference, an international event that happened in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The main goal of this meetup was to popularize the idea of digitalization and Blockchain technology in modern society.

Our team was represented by Stas Oskin, a core developer and business development expert at WINGS. In his presentation, Stas spoke about the way Blockchain may benefit the banking industry, facilitate storing and managing assets, and help all the involved parties.

Looking back at all the events of 2019, all we feel is the pride for our developers and gratitude to our community. But whatever happened in the past, we believe that our future is even brighter.

This month we will also release the roadmap for 2020, which incorporates all our plans and goals for this year. If you want to find out what the WINGS team is up to this year, subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned!

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