at Kharkiv Digital Conference

On November 29, 2019, our team participated in a brand new conference named “Kharkiv Digital” that was held in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The main aim of the event was to popularize Blockchain technology and the idea of digitalization.

Around 20 speakers from different countries presented their vision of digitalization, its benefits, and challenges. Our representative, Stas Oskin, a core developer and business development expert, shared his thoughts on financial instruments digitalization. He dwelled upon the way Blockchain may benefit the banking industry, facilitate storing and managing assets, and help all market players, including retail investors, banks, funds, startups, et. cetera.

Besides, the event had a so-called “Fintech companies alley” where the participants could present their projects, find like-minded supporters, partners, and potential clients. This dedicated place, as well as a conference itself, was a great opportunity for networking for both well-known companies and startups.

Overall, the organization of Kharkiv Digital conference was top-notch, the idea was fresh and topical, and it was highly interesting to see the development of the Ukrainian digital community. We believe that this event was the first step among many towards our common goal — global digitalization.

P.S.: Many thanks to the conference organizers, Distributed Lab and Unit City. We’ll be waiting for future events, guys, and see you soon!

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