Why Metavatars Will Revolutionize the Play-To-Earn Crypto Game Market

Games and stories are an intrinsic part of what makes us humans. For instance, we’re surrounded by them in our daily lives. Each day, we consume news snippets, stock prices, video clips, culture, or gossip. As a result, the internet looks more and more like a social game. Furthermore, we make connections, communicate, buy things, work, and make a living by using software tools.

Blockchain is a foundational technology for developing the third version of the internet. As a result, ‘Netizens’ are calling it Web 3.0. It will enable applications and use cases not possible on today’s internet. Games are one of the largest use cases of the internet, their blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies have changed gaming forever. Let us understand why, in the below sections.

The Issue with ‘Traditional’ Non-Crypto Games

Most successful games focus on business models rather than user engagement. As a result, rules or guidelines can change. Also, players get banned or prohibited for no fault of theirs. Centralized corporations can misuse user data. Hence, these issues make users feel as if all their hard work, time and money are of no use. Users become frustrated, unable to translate their passions into productive interests.

A New Gaming Era

The applications of the blockchain mean that the play-to-earn gaming revolution is here. 2021 was a break-out year for NFTs and play-to-earn gaming. Yes, you can earn money by playing games. Hence, if you play well, you may become a popular leader of the game. Besides, you can get to decide how things should run by collaborating with other players across the world.

Thus, play-to-earn gaming is about building a virtual economy from scratch. Users can manufacture items and objects, buy and sell them to others and follow the rules of the game to be better. Furthermore, 2022 promises to be a showstopper for play-to-earn games. Better projects create fans and more people enter the NFT and Cryptocurrency worlds.

What is Metavatars?

The play-to-earn game, Metavatars, is a collection of 7777 NFT characters. As per the team, they are part of a new world, divided into 4 races, 3 classes, 230+ traits and 5 levels of rarity. Although, original owners who buy these NFTs get access to a host of benefits, as mentioned below, they also stand to gain in many other ways.

  • They are eligible to receive an NFT from upcoming collections. As a result, holders of rare Metavatars origins or higher get rewarded for being early adopters.
  • Subscription to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Metavatars’ token: the project’s tokenomics will release in the second financial quarter of 2022
  • Early access to the early version of the game: the alpha version is to release in the first financial quarter of 2023
  • Access to a unique and profitable staking program in order to generate passive income

Meet the NFTs

The Metavatars game is home to 4 races, each with its own features, characteristics and traits.

The Harals

They are the most civilized race in the metaverse. Home to scientists and politicians, they occupy the Scarlex Kingdom. The city of Scarlex is the most advanced and prosperous among all the others.

The Codix

As per legend, the Codix got banished from Scarlex on Harals’ orders. Above all, they look different from other races because a substance wa injected into their bodies. Supposedly, it was the Arlox who banished them in person. Their exile in the kingdom of Lumindor led them to Magvan. It is an underground city of fumes, screams and dangers.

As a result, they are always plotting revenge against the other races.

The Arlox

They are the armed race of the Haral, and have sworn to protect them. They live in the capital of Vicale Hills, the city of Arwa. Their habitat is a peaceful region and free from conflict. Their duties are training, discipline and justice. They send the best warriors to the armed groups of the Scarlex kingdom.

The Kobas

Legends do not speak about the Koba. Located in Ximon Mountains, they are an isolated race. As a result, their political and commercial structures lack the sophistication of P403. Known for their aggression, they live in an arid region. They are the protectors of the metaverse against other universes and species.

Towards An Open World Metaverse

The play-to-earn MMORPG will be available to users from February onwards. We’ve explained some features about the project and listed its development roadmap below:

  1. The Launch of the 7777 NFTs as part of the Metavatars origins collection is in early February 2022. For instance, every Metavatar has specific bonuses based on rarity, class and race of the NFT
  2. Establishment of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) via creation of a high council. Moreover, the first 333 Metavatars on P403 will start the process.
  3. $500,000 of funds is to be kept as a cash reserve in Scarlex bank. Besides, the community will release funds for projects building for the community and be voted as per governance.
  4. Furthermore, the release of the utility document for all NFT Metavatars


The play-to-earn gaming genre incorporates the best of NFTs and blockchain technology. As a result, it allows people to own in-game assets and data. Hence, this model increases user engagement and retains users for the long term. It motivates users to contribute to the future of the game. It is the perfect win-win model.   

NFTically is a B2B Saas that provides customized solutions for enterprises, brands, artists, gamers, and creators to launch their own NFT marketplaces. 

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