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So where can you even find good code? There are plenty of git repositories out there that are worth looking at as well as blogs, chat forums, and beyond.

ere are a couple of our favorite places to find good code.


GitHub is probably the most popular software development and version control hosting company in the world. Millions of developers use GitHub to work together on a variety of different coding projects day after day. A lot of these projects are public-facing, meaning you can actually see the code. There are even open-sourced projects where you could actually have the opportunity to contribute to the code.

If you’re looking to find example after example of good code, GitHub should be your first choice.


Bitbucket is another Git-based repository like GitHub. While it’s not as big as GitHub, BitBucket is still used across the world by different commercial enterprises. This also means that it has a lot of public-facing commercial code to look at and make sense of.


StackOverflow is one of the most popular question-and-answer websites for both professional and amateur programmers. If you’re wondering “Why doesn’t my code work” or “Why does my compiler keep giving me ‘Error X,’” chances are really good StackOverflow will be one of the first search results that’ll pop up if you look for an answer on Google.


StackExchange is a StackOverflow property and it’s another great resource for looking for examples of good code as teams of users who are working together to make their current code even better. If you’re going to get into coding in any serious fashion, you should probably just have StackOverflow and StackExchange accounts just in case.

You can also look to sites like Quora, Reddit, and chat services like Discord to find a bunch of different coding communities as well. And if you’re a web developer, you could always just look at the source code of your favorite websites. There may be some restrictions to what you can and can’t see, but you’ll be able to see a lot of the front-end elements with a simple right-click. 

And don’t forget about dear, old Google.

Google is a programmer’s best friend.

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