What is a Watch Winder? Do you Need One?

 What is a Watch Winder?

Watch winder is generally a box or container which is used to keep an automatic watch wound when it is not used or worn so that the power reserve does not deplete. This ways anyone can keep the date and functions set. These days the watch winder are getting a lot of popularity as people are collecting more watches and it becomes too difficult to maintain the time and date settings when the watch is not used.

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Working of a Watch Winder

A watch winder is generally plugged into an outlet or is battery operated. Generally a watch winder is designed in a way so that it replicates the movement of a wrist as if its worn over a wrist. Some of the watch winders constantly rotate in one direction. Some watch winders have bi-directional winding and some have uni-directional winding. When we talk about a good watch winder such as a watch winder UK then it will allow a user to adjust the number of times per day it turns. 

What is the need of a watch winder

A very important topic of debate among the watch collectors rotate around the need of a watch winder. Well! a watch winder is highly recommended if you have a good collection of watches. In case the watch has some complex calendar displays then a watch winder is of great use. A Jqueen watch winder is quite helpful in those cases.

If you own a single simple watch then a watch winder might not be needed as settings for such watches can be done quite easily manually. However it’s beneficial if you let your watch to stop completely as letting your watch at full power is not good for the health of your watch. If you opt for a watch winder then the winding system is generally designed to run 9-10 hours per day then it keeps sitting overnight. Overall the use of a watch winder also depends on your choice. Some well known brands have voted in the favour of using a watch winder due its positive effect on the lubrication and no need of setting a calendar. 

Most of the watch collectors love winding their watches once a week or once per two weeks. This ways watches deplete the power reserve but still stay set and wound within a reasonable period of time. There are some watches which have longer power reserves which can be wound in less frequent intervals. 

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