WeMeta: A New Approach to Analytics in Decentraland

WeMeta, a data layer and analytics organization working in the metaverse, has developed an analytics tag and dashboard for Decentraland. As grantees from a February 2022 proposal, WeMeta developed the WeMeta Builder Tag, a data aggregation tool that can assist developers in understanding what motivates interaction in their scenes. Scenes, the content you deploy to your LAND, are any interactive programs that render content. With the WeMeta Builder Tag, available as a smart item in the Decentraland item shop, developers can get insights from how users  interact with their scenes with the aggregate anonymization of in-game statistics.

The WeMeta Builder Tag is a one-line code snippet that enables rapid access to data, such as foot traffic, active player time, on-scene transactions, and other engagement metrics—all displayed in a real-time dashboard. The analytics dashboard can be accessed from WeMeta’s website with Auth0 logins for secure access.

The concurrent users in different worlds.

WeMeta was born at an ETH Global hackathon in 2021. From there, the team decided to pursue their dream, and built WeMeta into a leading metaverse company in the NFT space. The company is co-founded by Nick Brons and Winston Robson.

Evolving from WeMeta 1.0, a “Zillow for the Metaverse”, on the premise that in-metaverse analytics are critical for creating compelling content, WeMeta aims to provide content creators with the best understanding of their performance possible.

According to Wiston, one of the most challenging issues with metaverse real estate is evaluating it, Winston had realized that a “largely location-based and otherwise speculative” analysis defined properties’ value. Prospective investors, he believes, should examine whether their property is close to content that users want to experience.

Analytics for the Sports Castle during ETHDenver.

A self-described “go-to platform for the metaverse” because of its data insights and accessible UI, the WeMeta dashboard equips anyone with the ability to compare metaverse properties across different metaverses. Some comparison points are the trading volume or number of LAND sales for any given time period.

Compare scenes

While WeMeta compares metaverses, some features are available solely for Decentraland. For example, the “Compare Scenes” feature, which is available from the landing page, allows users to overview a comparative analysis of the top Decentraland scenes and considers data such as Average Concurrent Visitors. Users who rely on the WeMeta Builder Tag can collect data from their scenes with many more subtleties: they can gauge which Wearables are the most popular, which areas people enjoy the most, concurrent foot traffic over time, average visit length, and server capacity. The “Scenes” dashboard is also unique to Decentraland.

WeMeta serves both ends of users—those who need to understand the most attractive thing about their scene, and those who want to compare a scene with another, either for investment reasons or entertainment.

The “Compare Scenes” feature was developed with support from a Decentraland DAO grant.

The team

The WeMeta team, distributed between the US and Canada, was able to develop Decentraland-specific features thanks to a grant from the Decentraland DAO. The grant resulted in features such as the Tag condensed into a one-line code snippet, compared to the previous one-page code block.

WeMeta team

This project uses open-source Decentraland foundation components. The dashboard of WeMeta, which may be kept private, shared with select parties, or shown publicly, receives the data.

WeMeta is already operational, and the team has provided two public updates on the WeMeta Builder Tag. But they will need the community’s feedback to understand what are the most valuable insights for Decentraland users. In a world potentially loaded with data, WeMeta can help users pick what’s most valuable and support comparisons and decision-making. Try out the WeMeta Builder Tag—a smart item—and get in touch with Winston and the WeMeta team via their Discord to share your thoughts.

The metaverse is full of yet unrecognized potential and opportunities. Do you have an idea that could benefit the Decentraland community? Learn more about the DAO’s grants here.

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Disclaimer: The service described in this article was not developed or audited by the Decentraland Foundation. Always be careful when engaging in any kind of transaction. Decentraland is not responsible for any loss of funds/assets.

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