Wanted: The Worst Traders in NFT Land for Goblintown’s S2 Mint. Are You In?

Truth Labs, the company behind Goblintown, launches the Season 2 mint of their latest offering called Big Inc. This new release is even more bizarre than its predecessor. How, you ask anon? Truth Labs is searching for the “worst traders in NFT land”. Degens who have been through the mud. The brand gives these degens preference for the new release. These traders must have engaged in poor trades, or “rekt activity,” to be eligible for a free 24-hour mint of the Big Inc acceptance letter.

Degen enough for Goblintown? Find out today!

Goblintown S2: ᵣₑᵥₑₙgₑ ₒf ₜₕₑ ₛₑᵣᵢᵤₛ ᵢₙᵥₑₛₜᵤᵣ

Big Inc is a 15,000-unit sequel to the infamous Goblintown series. But the company has not yet announced the release date and timing. This season is one for the degens, who got rekt in previous NFT trades. Existing holders of Goblintown, Grumpl, or Illuminati NFT collections are also able to mint their Big Inc tokens at no cost.

According to Process Grey, co-founder and artist at Truth Labs, this season of Goblintown aims to celebrate the culture and community that established Web3. He also adds, “Goblintown originally celebrated on the collective doom of the first wave of collapse, and Big Inc wants to now reward those who have stuck around!

The collection revolves around a fictional city called Goblintown. This is where a large company called “Big Inc” has indoctrinated animals to work for them. The artwork includes animal head PFPs. Moreover, the animals all have “super serious” expressions. Those interested in participating can fill out an application with the mint, and the wallet data of participating traders will be evaluated by Truth Labs. The “Down Bad Board,” a scoreboard, will feature the worst market traders.

How Is $PEPE Involved?

When Goblintown’s mint first opened in May 2022, it defied the then-current NFT market norms and generated $7 million in revenues. The new collection aims to capitalize on the rising value of PEPE, the meme coin. The coin seen a surge in value, reaching $502 million in the previous month. Traders in Goblintown Season 2 can accept PEPE as payment and receive discounts at the token mint in exchange.

It costs 0.096 ETH (~ $175) to join the Mint. A figure higher than the current market price for NFTs, which is around $88 (0.048 ETH). However, businesses preferring to pay in PEPE receive a 50% discount on the overall price. With the announcement of Big Inc, the company is poised to shake things up once again.



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