Vueling Look To Incorporate NFTs and Crypto Payments in 2023

Vueling crypto payments are coming to passengers in Europe, as the budget airline looks towards the future to innovate on customer needs. Beginning later in 2023, the Spanish budget airline will accept cryptocurrencies as a method to book a flight. Vueling will also look for ways to incorporate NFTs into its overall strategy. They will be the first airline in Europe to do so.

Spanish budget airline Vueling is adding crypto payments in 2023. Credit: InsideFlyer.

What Is The Vueling Crypto Initiative?

Vueling’s NFT and Crypto payments are expected to begin in the second half of 2023. Customers will be able to purchase their tickets using cryptocurrency. Vueling has also teamed up with the Web3 technology company, Criptan, to explore different uses of blockchain technology. This may even include NFTs.

This is a plus for crypto-native Europeans who will now be able to fly without using fiat… read that again. It’s also a good sign for the industry in general. As cryptocurrency continues to prove itself as a payment method, so does it bring validation to NFTs and the rest of Web3.

A tan Criptan credit card is seen being used in a transaction.
The airline has teamed up with Criptan to make crypto payments possible. Credit:

How Is Criptan Involved?

The partnership with Criptan is an important one, especially for the Spanish technology sector. Vueling is Spain’s largest airline by destinations and fleet size. The embrace of cryptocurrency as a method of payment is significant because it will allow Vueling’s 34 million passengers to fly without having to use fiat.

Additionally, Criptan is a payments startup based out of Valencia. Their services for individual customers include a crypto wallet, interest, and a debit card that can convert cryptocurrency into USDC. As Criptan and Vueling are set to explore the different ways blockchain technology can be incorporated into the customer experience, payments seem to remain at the core. Time will tell how NFTs are incorporated into the mix.



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