Voxels VR: A New Way to Experience the Metaverse

Voxels users have now access to brand-new experiences. The metaverse platform added VR support and is now compatible with the Oculus Quest and Windows Mixed Reality browsers.

What are the Voxels VR experiences?

Starting now, the players-built metaverse will offer the possibility to imagine and create new kinds of interactions between the Voxels metaverse and its users. Players will have the possibility to fully immerse in virtual experiences.

According to the company, this is only the first step towards a broader implementation of VR tech in the Voxels metaverse. Hand tracking and a VR builder will soon be released. On top of that, the team is working on a new feature called ‘Parcel Events Mode’ that will supercharge performance for large gatherings and additional moderation tools.

Besides this announcement, Voxels CEO Ben Nolan posted a tweet where he explains that he’s stepping down from his role. “I don’t want to go back to the CEO role, fending off all those fucking emails from investors and business partners, and just a whole bunch of crap that I hate, he wrote. I just want to program and focus on making the product better and building a better world for you all.”

What is the Voxels metaverse?

Voxels is a player-built metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Its founders launched it as soon as 2018, which is way before the NFT boom and other metaverses like Decentraland.

Users can explore, meet other people and attend events. Moreover, they can buy and develop their parcels, design clothing, create artwork, or even host parties. The metaverse is particularly simple to use. For example, players can build by dragging and dropping blocks, in real-time. It is now the smallest of all virtual blockchain worlds (VBW), but it is still growing and has no limits for expanding.

Voxels, short for “volume elements” or “volumetric pixels” are the three-dimensional (3D) counterparts of pixels in two-dimensional (2D) images. A voxel represents a value on a regular grid in 3D space, and it is used to describe a 3D object, scene, or volume. Voxels are therefore employed to create 3D objects, scenes, or environments in video games, movies, and other digital media. The most famous voxel environment is Minecraft.

With Voxels VR, the metaverse’s founders just opened a new array of possibilities for the players. Therefore, they will now be able to unleash their creativity and invent new immersive experiences.



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