VoxelCrazyHeads Bridge Reality and The Metaverse With NFTs

Game developer and NFT enthusiast Veronika Varkova is bridging reality with the metaverse with the VoxelCrazyHeads. These 10,000 avatars represent an all-access pass to the massive Metaspace.game platform. The platform aims to transform physical spaces into digital experiences and further translate these experiences into real life moments! Read on to learn more about this exciting Metaverse platform and how you can participate!

VoxelCrazyHeads are colonizing Mars: Here’s how to get involved.

What Are The VoxelCrazyHeads NFT?

The VoxelCrazyHeads are a 10,000-piece NFT collection. Each head from this collection is an access key to the Metaspace.game platform. The head turns into a full-fledged 3d avatar post-mint, which is the main asset of the collector to explore the giant metaverse building on top of the project.

“Our main goal is to combine all the high technologies and services into a single virtual space. Shops, banks, online cinemas, social networks, delivery services, training, entertainment, competitions, communication, trade – we will combine all this.” states Founder Veronika Varkova. The price for allowlist members is 0.05 ETH, and the public mint price is 0.09 ETH

These crazy guys are shooting for Mars

The platform focuses on positioning digital copies of real-world spaces and items so that users can interact, buy, sell, or trade them for real-life experiences.  For example, if a collector wanted to purchase a plot of land for construction or an apartment in one of the buildings in Singapore. The collector can then log into Metaspace, check out the building and apartment in real-time, and then book it according to their interest. 

Suppose the building participates in the “metaspace digital copy” program, and there is a digital copy in the database. In that case, buyers can walk around the apartments and even experience the interiors.

Metaverse Wearables, Land and even Jobs

The VoxelCrazyHeads NFT project also aims at in-metaverse product purchases. For this, plans to use an Avatar consultant are also in process. Users will connect to Metaspace.game, go to, for example, a sneaker store, and choose their sneakers. The avatar consultant consults them in the store, and after payment, the sneakers are delivered to collectors in real life! This approach will allow participants to find a real job in the virtual space.

There will also be exclusively virtual assets on the platform. For example, you can buy a virtual land plot and build a house on it. In the future, you will be able to resell this house to another avatar who likes it. It is also possible to rent buildings, retail space, robots, ammunition and other assets.

What Is The Metaspace Game?

The Metaspace Game is an open metaverse filled with quests and exploration. In the metaverse, history begins with the spacecraft launch site “C-101”. The story follows a man who built the first rockets that helped colonize Planet Mars. Here, the game begins its story and follows many adventures and quests for its avatars. The game also centers around constructing a Martian high-tech city called “Cradle 3252”.”Cradle 3252″ is a system of six connected islands surrounded by an artificial sea. A vast dome also covers the whole town. This city is the heart of the metaverse.

metaspace game
A sneak peek of the Metaspace Game

Alongside physical items, the developers have also stated that there will be exclusively virtual assets on the platform. For example, you can buy a virtual land plot and build a house. In the future, users will be able to resell this house to another avatar who likes it. It is also possible to rent and buy buildings, retail space, robots, transport and other assets. 

metaspsace metaverse picture
Metaspace is the Metaverse of tomorrow

Avatars are 3d models of men and women. During avatar generation, participants will be able to choose their gender identity.The avatars have varying IQ levels (essential to the gameplay) and strength traits. A detailed distribution is found in the project whitepaper. The platform currently plans to implement an internal currency on the Ethereum blockchain but also considers the Binance Chain (BSC) as a backup option. The founders have also stated future AR & VR options are coming to the metaverse.

After the mint of the collection, VoxelCrazyHeads will complete the “construction” of Cradle-3252. At the same time, they are working on a personal account and the software part of the gameplay (character management, interactions, etc.).

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