VIM: A New C2E Where You Can Support Your Favourite Virtual Influencers

The market’s newest initiative, VIM, provides us with an ecosystem where we may earn profit by promoting our favorite virtual influencers. How exciting is that!

VIM (Virtual Influencer Mining) is a brand-new C2E Platform!

What are Virtual Influencers

Virtual influencers are computer-generated “Humans” that are fictional yet exhibit the characteristics, tendencies, and behaviours of real people.

They can also be referred to as “CG-models” and “virtual influencers”.

Despite not living next to us in the real world, they are highly active on social media. With a team of designers, writers and artists working relentlessly to create a digital figure that looks, moves, and speaks like any other human, it’s like Second Life and the real world merging or what we call “metaverse”.

About VIM

VIM is a Create to Earn (C2E) ecosystem where players can support virtual humans living in the metaverse and helps to earn profit from supporting them.

By using VIM, you may raise the consciousness of Virtual humans who desire to become influencers. Users in VIM will eventually be able to acquire a VIM TOKEN through various activities.

As the ecosystem expands, VIM aims to be a project linked to a blockchain ecosystem that encompasses games, e-commerce, performances, and SNS.

image of Virtul avatar in VIM.
Users can support Virtual Humans in the metaverse and earn profit.

Introducing VANTER

VIM introduces a new concept called VANTER. Each VANTER has a distinct look, and the level and STATUS change as the quest goes on. VANTER is an NFT that can be traded between users and contains grade, level, and STATUS information.

With VANTER, users can generate income from your preferred virtual human assistance activities. VIM is the first blockchain ecosystem to connect actual economic activity with the virtual world. Users can use their own VANTER to navigate and conducting quests for Virtual humans.

image of VIM logo with text
Join the whitelist now to take part in this exciting new ecosystem.

Users will mine VIT in proportion to how much they have chosen the quests for their favourite virtual humans and helped to influence them through supporting activities. Users may easily sell and exchange cryptocurrency-based assets using VIM.

Join the new ecosystem where you can support your favourite Virtual Influencers and get whitelisted today.


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