VeeFriends “Burn Island” Auctions Chromie Squiggle NFTs

BREAKING: VeeFriends announces the launch of “Burn Island: Eruption 2“, a new auction featuring three NFTs from the popular Chromie Squiggles collection. This news comes after the recent success of the VeeFriends G.O.O. Series 1 Dynamic Dinosaur Lava auction. The auction intensifies the excitement on Burn Island, and from what we hear, things get a little “Squiggly”!

VeeFriends Burn Island: Explained

Burn Island, a feature within the VeeFriends platform, provides NFT holders with the opportunity to convert their tokens into potential physical or virtual prizes using deflationary technology. NFT holders participate in sequential “Eruptions,” for entry to the island. This island offers exclusive rewards and require the burning of specific NFTs. This system provides endless possibilities for NFT holders to explore and unlock new opportunities.

In order to take part in Burn Island Eruption 2, participants must possess a VeeCon 2022 ticket token and be willing to sacrifice some BOOK GAMES tokens. This auction event takes place over a period of eight days, from March 16th at 5 PM EST to March 24th at 5 PM ET. Moreover, the top three highest bids are rewarded with one of the highly esteemed Chromie Squiggles created by Snowfro.

In addition to the new NFT collection, Eruption 2 will also introduce a new auction format. The Burn Island team is constantly looking for ways to keep things fresh and engaging for their community, and this new format is sure to do just that. The official Burn Island website provides more details, including a leaderboard for interested participants.

What Are Eruptions?

Burn Island is a deflationary platform that provides exclusive rewards through sequential events called “Eruptions”. Each Eruption has different BURN eligibility requirements, Moreover,  the events do not overlap, which ensures that each one is unique. Detailed information on each Eruption is provided before its start date to comply with regulatory requirements.

About Chromie Squiggles

The Chromie Squiggles collection is created by Snowfro, founder of Art Blocks NFT. This collection is highly coveted and esteemed within the NFT community. These Squiggles are particularly special because they have not yet been minted, which means that the possibilities are endless. No one knows what the Art Blocks contracts generate when the Squiggles are minted, making them even more exciting.

It’s important to note that with great rewards come great risks. VeeFriends recognizes this and encourages its community to take calculated risks in order to achieve their goals. Eruption 2 is just one example of the exciting opportunities available to those who are willing to take a chance.



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