Unreal Engine Github Plugin To Revolutionise Web3 Games

The Unreal Engine Github Plugin by Game7 is coming to the Web3 Gaming Space in 2023. This is a milestone integration that will allow blockchain developers to seamlessly utilize Unreal for Web3 games. Not only that, but the plugin is Free to the Gaming Community, in keeping with Game7’s focus on accelerating the development of open-source games.

The Unreal Engine GitHub Integration is game-changing. Credit: Epic Games.

What is the Unreal Engine Github Integration?

The Web3.Unreal plugin is an open-source integration for gamers in the Web3 industry. The plugin allows developers to utilize blockchain functionality inside of Unreal Engine, which previously was time prohibitive. This was a purposeful development, with 100 game developers surveyed before the creation of Web3.Unreal.

To this effect, Head of Product at Game7, JacobC.Eth, said, “We are intentional about listening before we act. When Web3 game devs mentioned the need for seamless integration of wallets into game engines, we developed the solution.”

A squiggly is intertwined with the word "HyperPlay."
Web3.Unreal connects with HyperPlay for new interactivity. Credit: HyperPlay Twitter.

How is HyperPlay Involved?

The HyperPlay game launcher that Game7 is releasing in early 2023 is also compatible with the Web3.Unreal plugin. With the plugin, developers have an easier way of allowing players to check how many NFTs or tokens they have earned. Also, the connection between HyperPlay and Web3.Unreal allows developers to offer a complete Web3 gaming solution that empowers players to trade and process transactions.


An image of BitDAO's logo against a white background.
BitDAO continues to develop open-source gaming with Game7. Credit: CryptoWallet.com.

Who is Game7?

Game7 is the DAO behind the Web3.Unreal plugin and HyperPlay releases coming in 2023. The DAO has a mission to cultivate the Web3 gaming space, especially by funding open-source initiatives. It is part of the BitDAO ecosystem, which is focused on supporting open governance in the Web3 space.

This is groundbreaking news out of the blockchain gaming space, as Web3.Unreal will allow developers to create incredible blockchain gaming experiences at scale.



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