Undead Blocks Will Pay You To Kill Zombies, And It’s Actually Fun

Experience the thrill of slaying zombies and earning rewards with Undead Blocks! This exciting new game not only allows you to fight off the undead, but also offers the chance to earn real rewards for your efforts. With its engaging gameplay and enticing incentives, Undead Blocks is the ultimate zombie-slaying experience.

Earn rewards and have fun with Undead Blocks.

Get Paid to Slay Zombies: Undead Blocks Revolutionizes Play-to-Earn Gaming

Undead Blocks is an immersive, play-to-earn gaming experience launched by Wagyu Games. Players can earn crypto by collecting weapons and slaying zombies, and actually, it’s really fun. Moreover, the game brings together the most exciting features of web3 with sustainable game economics. The goal is to create an innovative gaming experience that’s both thrilling and rewarding.|

Grant Haseley, executive director at Wagyu Games, is using his experience from Goldman Sachs and passion for gaming to create Undead Blocks. Grant and his team of 45 developers, including previous Fortnite engineers, have spent nearly two years perfecting the game for its Q1 2023 launch. The focus has been on making the game fun, while also empowering players through web3 technology.

Undead Blocks is not like other play-to-earn games. It is not designed for players to get rich quick. Instead, it will distribute revenue generated to players who invest time and effort in-game. This allows players to earn a steady income. Players can earn approximately $5 in just a few hours of zombie-slaying on Undead Blocks. Rewards are based on their skill level, and daily tournaments offer a $1,000 prize. The game has made a commitment of $10 million for player compensation in the first year alone. Therefore, the rewards for playing are incredible and will only increase as the game grows.

Preview of the game Undead Blocks
Undead Blocks is using the Freemium model. Image: Undead Blocks

What’s the Freemium Model and How is it Changing Gaming?

The freemium business model has become increasingly popular in the gaming industry. The model involves offering a game for free but with optional in-app purchases for items that enhance the gameplay experience. Two popular examples of games that use the freemium model are Call of Duty and Fortnite. In these games, players can purchase new weapons, skins, and other in-game items to improve their gameplay and customize their characters. The freemium model has been successful for these games, as it allows players to try the game before committing to making purchases, while also generating revenue for the developers through in-app purchases.

Undead Blocks offers a freemium business model. Players can buy NFT weapons to enhance their game experience while also earning rewards for killing zombies. Basically, the in-game purchases of weapons and skins we’re used to in Call of Duty and Fortnite, are now bought as NFTs. Undead Blocks has already amassed a community of 2,500 daily active players during its beta testing phase, and players can access the game on PC for both Mac and Windows. Join the community today and get ready for an exciting play-to-earn gaming experience like no other!



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