Ultra Games: Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3 Gaming

Ultra, a comprehensive video gaming entertainment platform, aims to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 PC gaming. Today, they announced the launch of the game, a next-generation PC games store that offers a unique, blockchain-enabled experience for both players and developers.

Ultra Games: Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3 Gaming

What Ultra Games Offers

The project endeavors to tackle existing challenges in the PC gaming industry by utilizing a web3-powered approach. This method not only reduces fees but also creates new revenue streams for developers and offers genuine ownership for players. The platform includes a storefront, a curated library, and a powerful launcher. It features an extensive catalog of games, encompassing both web3 titles and popular PC games.

Ultra Games Ecosystem and Benefits

Ultra Games forms part of the larger Ultra gaming ecosystem, which also comprises the Uniq Marketplace and Ultra Wallet. This ecosystem is set to expand even further, integrating services such as the esports application Ultra Arena. The Ultra Token ($UOS) powers all these platforms, ensuring fast transaction times and zero fees on Ultra’s purpose-built Layer 1 blockchain. Web3 technology will enable developers and publishers to tokenize game licenses for resale, thereby generating new revenue streams and allowing true ownership for players.

Ultra Games: User Experience and Referral System

Players can effortlessly create an Ultra Games account. They can do so through a familiar web2-style signup process and automatically receive a custodial Ultra Wallet. They can purchase games using credit/debit cards or $UOS. Furthermore, a referral system enables players to earn a percentage of the sale when their referred friends make purchases.

Bringing it Together

Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO at Ultra, expressed that the PC gaming distribution market is “ripe for disruption.” He believes that blockchain technology has the potential to address critical issues such as high fees and lack of true ownership. Yves Bléhaut, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Microids, conveyed his delight in being part of the Ultra Games launch and looks forward to a promising future in partnership with Ultra.



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