Trump NFTs Make A Comeback: Why are they pumping?

After losing 80% of its value in just 14 days, the Trump NFTs are making a comeback. The NFTs of former president Donald Trump are now on the rise, seeing a volume increase of 800% in just 2 days.

The Trump NFTs have seen a recent rally this week, seeing a volume increase of 800%. What’s the deal?

Trump NFTs have indeed pumped

Upon launch, the NFT project saw a surge in prices before plummeting 80% in value in just a 14-day period. However, the collection is currently seeing an increase in sales. To specify, the daily sales volume for the Trump Digital Trading Card collection increased by 800% from Tuesday to Wednesday. In other words, it went from approximately $34,000 to $306,000, according to data from CryptoSlam. Further, in the last seven days, the  NFT collection had over $893,868 worth of sales and $117,790 worth of sales in the last 24 hrs.

Moreover, the floor price also increased this past week. On Tuesday, the collection had a total of 115 total transactions with an average sale price of $296 per NFT. On Wednesday, the number of Trump NFTs traded increased to 704 at an average price of $435. As of today, the average sale price is $377.25 USD. Furthermore, the starting price for NFT Trump listings doubled from $235 to $454 on Wednesday. At the time of writing, the 24 hour sales are down 74.40%, with buyers down 66.10%. Even though the trading volume and floor price have decreased since the collection’s recent rally, its average sale price is still above its December 2022 price.



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