Tribeca Festival Will Launch an NFT VIP Pass for 2023

Tribeca Festival and OKX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, are launching the first-ever Tribeca Festival 2023 NFT pass. Each NFT is a unique piece of art, which also acts as a VIP pass to the festival taking place in New York City from June 17 to 18. Let’s dive further into the details.

Tribeca Festival and OKX debut their VIP NFT festival pass for 2023.

Tribeca Festival NFT VIP pass details

Purchasing a Tribeca Festival VIP NFT pass will grant you access to exclusive experiences. This includes access to certain screenings, parties with Tribeca co-founders Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro and other additional special benefits. Furthermore, there are two ways for you to acquire the VIP pass. The first option is to purchase the pass on the Tribeca Festival website, where a credit card can be used. The second option is to purchase the pass exclusively on the OKX NFT marketplace with ETH. In addition, to store the NFT pass for the Tribeca Festival, one can use an OKX wallet.

“It’s exciting we’ve partnered with the Tribeca team to introduce a first-of-its kind NFT pass. This allows festival goers to experience Web3 and ways to build on top of this unique technology” Said,” OKX Chief Marketing Officer Haider Rafique. “We’re particularly looking to inspire artists to create more on Web3 and we’ll keep our eyes out for individuals who will do more with this concept.”

Moreover, Tribeca partnered with AWA Studios and award-winning comic illustrator Jonathan Bartlett to create the art for the pass. The design is inspired by New York City, particularly the landscapes of Lower Manhattan, where Tribeca is located.

With years of success under the belt of Tribeca Festival and OKX’s Web3 expertise, you can be sure that you will embark on a new experience brought to you by emerging technologies.



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