TheFamous NFT Platform Is Onboarding GenZ Streetwear Fans to Web3

TheFamous is a new web3 NFT platform dedicated to a generation connected to the street culture and streetwear movement. It aims to assist and inspire GenZ to embrace Web3 and support artists in taking advantage of NFTs while helping both to ‘really’ thrive with a marketplace that proposes a new model.

The Famous is bringing web3 to GenZ

What is TheFamous?

In short, TheFamous is the first web3 platform dedicated to ‘Generation Z’.  The platform is focusing on Streetwear culture which draws inspiration from counter-culture of the 80s and 90s and brings it into the present day. It aims to tap into pop, street, skate and surf culture, whilst also taking inspiration from music, gaming, art tattoo culture too. 

TheFamous uses a  model similar to world-famous brands like Supreme. Adapting to web3, the platform also takes advantage of NFTs. Firstly, to twin IRL items with digital properties and, secondly, to secure authentication of origin during trading.  Each drop releases with a scarce supply and at regular intervals. Furthermore, the platform promises drops will be at an affordable price and available to trade on the secondary market too. This, it does to re-enforce its mission: To develop TheFamous streetwear brand into something tangible.

the famous streetwear brand nft example
A Markerplace and Launchpad for the new generation

Why Web3 Streetwear?

TheFamous believes Streetwear could be a great opportunity to onboard GenZ to web3. Incredibly, the global streetwear  market is worth a massive $185B. With GenZ’s interest in vintage, second hand clothes and sneakers and distaste for fast fashion, TheFamous feel it’s the perfect opportunity to inspire GenZ to embrace Web3’s power in the resale market. Furthermore, NFTs allow for completely unique items and brand identity, something which GenZ are crazy for right now! With this information in tow, TheFamous believe Web3 combined with GenZ will be an explosive combination.

How does TheFamous NFT Platform Work?

The platform is both a NFT project factory and Marketplace. The factory builds NFT projects and collections and then feeds the NFT Marketplace. To explain, TheFamous NFT Marketplace hosts limited edition drops of artists’ NFT collections and streetwear items, including; wearables and collectibles. Then, these NFTs can be either real life items, virtual items and even phygital items too. 

The platform appeals to both the crypto natives and absolute NFT beginners, as you can sign up with your existing crypto wallet or simply with an email address or phone number. In this way, TheFamous guarantees its Marketplace is truly accessible to those familiar with Street culture,  but unfamiliar with crypto.

The Factory

TheFamous uses an invite-only system for artists, and guarantees them a percentage of royalties. Then, each hand-picked artist will have the opportunity to create and sell their collection with the assistance of TheFamous team. Simultaneously, artists will benefit from Hypermint/MoonPay solutions that power the NFT’s creation. Next, to support the artist’s drops, the platform promises to buy some of the works. Then, TheFamous will use some of them (under license) to create limited editions of wearables and collectibles.

The Marketplace

Fed by the Factory collections, the marketplace offers simple solutions to sign up, buy, trade and manage NFTs and item drops using multi currencies including crypto and fiat.

The Famous Gang NFT Collection

‘The Famous Gang’ NFT collection is the platform’s genesis PFP collection, comprising 8000 NFTs in total. These NFTs will drop in several stages. Firstly, Series 1 (with 2000 pieces) will drop on Dec 8 and grant the holder access to the ‘Famous Founder Club’ and its exclusive perks.

The next drop, of 5000 NFTs (Series2) will be released in a second step and then a further 1000 tokens will remain for community giveaways and rewards.

TheFamous NFT Avatar

NFTs will grant access to an exclusive founders club

TheFamous Graffiti Box Logo NFTs

Next, the platform will drop a collection of unique NFTs. Holders of the Famous PFP will receive them via airdrop completely for free! Then, the remaining NFTs will be available to mint for additional streetwear culture fans. The Graffiti Box Logo NFTs will act as an allowlist pass for subsequent streetwear drops and events in the future.

Get involved with TheFamous NFT Platform

If you want to know more about the venture roadmap, make sure you check out TheFamous on twitter, medium, instagram and discord.  Plus, there’s more information on its website as it comes out. Of course, if you want to participate in the drop you might want to sign up soon!



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