The Ultimate Guide to Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival 2022

Your guide to #DCLMVMF22

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Prepare yourself for an extended weekend of 200+ artists from around the world, among them Björk, Ozzy Ozborne, Motörhead, Soulja Boy, Atarashii Gakko!, Dillon Francis, Breland, Izzy Bizu, Vladimir Cauchemar, and many more on 15+ unique stages, brought to you together with presenting partner Kraken.

In addition to an endless supply of musical performances, #DCLMVMF22 also offers multiple new experiences for you to explore. From the ‘Tower of Babel’, representing the festival’s theme of global community, to the exciting chase of ‘Follow the White Rabbit’, to The Voice: Metaverse edition, and many other experiences besides, you’ll always have something to do. And if you never want the party to end, don’t worry, there are plenty of after parties planned during the festival as well!

Stay on top of all the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival events and activities on the dedicated festival event page. This is the best place for you to decide what performance to go to next.

How To…

…Get in

You won’t have to jump any fences to get into this music festival—#DCLMVMF22 is free for all to attend with no VR headset required! You can even enter the festival from your browser, but it is highly recommended that you visit Decentraland using the Desktop Client for a faster and more stable connection with better graphics. A lot will be happening at the festival so you won’t want to limit yourself to just a browser experience. If you’re new to Decentraland, you can find a short guide on what to expect here.

…Get around

Once you jump into the music festival you’ll be free to run around from stage to stage. If you’re getting a bit turned around, keep an eye out for maps like the one at the end of this post that are placed around the venue to help you get oriented.

If you want to check what shows are up next and quickly jump stageside, click on the small rabbit in the top left corner of your window to open an in-world event calendar of festival events.

You’ll also spot DoWow’s special festival walls around the venue from which you can also jump to stages.

…Get connected

When you click the chat icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, you’ll open up the Nearby chat in which you can talk to anyone who’s around you. With Decentraland’s newest feature, Channels, you can communicate with anyone in-world, regardless of where they are, in topic-specific chats. During the festival, be sure to check out the #mvmf channel to talk to other festival-goers or #help if you need help with anything.

…Get festival ready

Looking for some extra special Wearables and Emotes to dance the night away in style? Check out the festival-dedicated tab of the Marketplace before you hit the mosh pit to pick up some sick dance moves and kaleidoscopic outfits.

…Get the news

Want to stay on top of the latest festival updates? Be sure to follow @Decentraland on Twitter as well as the #DCLMVMF22 tag. And don’t forget to tag your own awesome festival screenshots and videos with #DCLMVMF22 because everyone’s gonna want to see them!

Stages & Artists — All times in UTC

Note that show times are subject to change, always check the Event Page for up to date info!

Decentraland Main Stage

Decentraland’s Main Stage, brought to you by the Decentraland Foundation, will feature some very exciting acts, none more so than the festival’s main headliner, Björk. The Icelandic superstar will close the Main Stage’s festival entertainment with the world premiere of her latest music video, “Sorrowful Soil,” among other surprises for her fans. It will definitely be a performance you’ll want to be at the Main Stage to witness, so make sure to be there at 11pm UTC on Nov. 13!

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 pm – Handshaking 7 pm – Maija Kauhanen 12 pm – Atarashii Gakko! 12 pm – SNH48
9 pm – Erika Krall 9 pm – Amadis And The Ambassadors 9 pm – 2AM + Pip 9 pm – Lian Gold
10 pm – Vladimir Cauchemar 10 pm – Spottie WiFi 10 pm – Sozi 10 pm – Losers
11 pm – The Stickmen Project 11 pm – Breland 11 pm – Akira The Don 11 pm – Björk

Ozzfest Stage

OzzFest, the iconic global touring metal festival launched by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne enters the metaverse in 2022 as part of the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival!

The festival will also include VIP viewing access and free Wearable merchandise exclusively airdropped to Ozzy Osbourne’s famed NFT CryptoBatz holders. Unlike previous IRL festivals, the stage for OZZFEST in the metaverse promises to be unconstrained by the boundaries of reality, set in a sprawling gothic castle with a giant OZZFEST logo emblazoned on the front, offering heavy metal fans a totally unique and one-of-a-kind experience.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 pm – BRITOF 9 pm – BRITOF 8 pm – BRITOF 6 pm – BRITOF
10 pm – SKID ROW 12 am – MOTÖRHEAD 11 pm – MOTÖRHEAD 9 pm – SKID ROW
11 pm – MEGADETH   12 am – OZZY OSBOURNE 10 pm – MOTÖRHEAD
12 am – OZZY OSBOURNE     11 pm – MEGADETH
      12 pm – OZZY OSBOURNE

Limewire Stage

The iconic music brand Limewire will host one of the event’s main stages with an exclusive avatar performance and music video premiere from Soulja Boy directed by Grammy-nominated director Yasha Gruben, in addition to many other music artists across various genres.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
CHARLES JR. (6pm) High Tides (6:00pm) KOSHA DILLZ (6:00pm) BXB LOVE (6:00pm)
Dru Oliver (6:03pm) Lil Bitcoin (6:19pm) Orrin (6:02pm) AIMA VITTORI (6:06pm)
Maia Wright (6:27pm) Billyracxx (6:37pm) Escape Plan (6:23pm) Homero Gallardo (6:28pm)
Quincy (6:47pm) Soulja Boy (7:00pm) Elijah Blake (6:54pm) Hydrologikk (6:49pm)
      A$AP TyY (7:10pm)

Dillon Francis Stage

Superstar producer and songwriter DJ Dillon Francis has collaborated with Vegas City to bring a state-of-the-art Dillon Francis mega club to Decentraland. Dillon will open the festival with a special set that will be projected on several screens throughout his mega club all weekend. Attendees will also be able to play Smash the Piñata with Dillon’s infamous piñata sidekick Gerald and chase him all throughout the venue.

OVER Stage

There’s something special going on at the Over the Reality Stage mixing Decentraland and mobile AR. Find the QR code at the OVR stage that will allow you to directly download the OVR App and enjoy all the DJ performances through a unique augmented reality experience.

Thursday Friday Saturday
3 pm – DAN: ROS 6 pm – JAMIS 6 pm – NICOLA FASANO
6 pm – AZEL    

OxArena (Party Degenerates) Stage

Unpaired, the team behind the Party Degenerates NFT collection, will inaugurate the OxArena, a unique venue with an open air stage, 3 indoor clubs, concept store, and NFT gallery during the festival. Jump in for curated performances by Superf3st, Volta XR, Revealed Recordings, Fold London, and others.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
20:00 Noted – Special Opening Concert (20min) @ Party Degens Stage 20:00 Tulum Vibes – LUM feat. MADS PAIGE @ Party Degens Stage 18:00 Flex The House – Defex @ Party Degens Stage 14:00 Alma Cilurzo & Saxophone @ Underground Club
23:00 Gramatik & Luxas B2B Metaset @ Party Degens Stage 21:00 Bonnie & Clyde @ Underground Club 19:00 Flex The House – Plastik Funk @ Party Degen Stage 14:30 Alberto Centymar @ Underground Club
00:00 Salem Ilese @ Superf3st Club 00:00 Underground Session – Arapu @ Party Degens Stage 20:00 VINNIE @ Studio 54 15:30 Danny Velz @ Underground Club
00:20 Kingstarlight @ Superf3st Club 01:00 Jasmin Solano @ Superf3st Club 20:30 Dastic @ Studio 54 16:00 Yaw Appiah @ Underground Club
00:50 Adi Oasis @ Superf3st Club 02:00 DJ Brownie @ Superf3st Club 21:00 Jeffrey Sutorius @ Studio 54 17:00 Kim April @ Underground Club
01:30 Disco Buscuits @ Superf3st Club 03:30 Domino @ Superf3st Club 21:30 HAVOQ @ Studio 54 18:00 Two Suns @ Underground Club
  04:00 WAHM @ Party Degens Stage 22:00 ANTARES b2b AURIC b2b BALZAR @ Underground Club 19:00 Jonny October @ Underground Club
  05:00 Paolo Rocco @ Party Degens Stage 23:30 X&ND (Special Liveset Performance) @ Superf3st Club 19:30 Hermigervill @ Studio 54
  06:00 Santiago Garcia @ Party Degens Stage 00:00 Joeski @ Party Degens Stage 21:00 Superjam – Blu Detiger, Adi Oasis & The Knocks @ Superf3st Club
  07:00 UNDERHER @ Party Degens Stage 01:00 YokoO @ Party Degens Stage 01:00 GRAND FINALE – Ape Rave Club @ Party Degens Stage
    02:00 Amine K @ Party Degens Stage  

SoundR Stage

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8.25 pm – BENJI PATTERSON 8.20 pm – SKULLZ 8.20 pm – AMITEK 8.35 pm – PORTEOUS
8.40 pm – LIL YAMAHA 8.30 pm – LOEK 8.50 pm – MIYA MIYA 9pm – ELLYSE MASON 9pm – TARUNE
9pm – IZZY BIZU 8.50 pm – JUNIOR ANDRE    

MetaTokyo Stage

MetaTokyo will present a stage featuring Japanese music acts and metaverse artists as well as a special installation of a gigantic dancing doll made in collaboration with Metaani, NFT Character, and the iconic Japanese artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Random Ravers Stage

Random Ravers is a metaverse music brand focused on building a community to UNTZ for eternity. They are presenting The Raverse a 4-day gamified music experience where users will be able to enjoy international DJ’s from the US, Spain, Argentina, and the metaverse itself.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6 pm – Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor 7 pm – 0xPet3r 7 pm – Arivi 5 pm – OMVRA
7.30 pm – SOUND PROCESS 7.45 pm – Merio bras 8.30 pm – Ramy Mishriky 6.20 pm – DRUNK AT VOGUE
9 pm – LOLU MENAYED 8.30 pm – UNTZ King 10 pm – KANA HISHIYA 7.50 pm – IVAN POSEIDON
10.30 pm – GLÜCK 12 am – MAI LAWSON 11.30 pm – DEAD TONES 9.30 pm – HERR

Jerry Garcia Stage

An official tribute to the leader of arguably the greatest jam of all time. Explore Jerry Garcia’s art while listening to some great music and enjoying the views from the hot air balloons and Ferris wheel.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Michele Stoddart – Louie Brennan – Counters Creek – Kitchman Schmidt – Stomping Dave – Ma Polaine Our Man in the Field – Jack Harris – Rob Corcoran – James Riley – Drain and Farris – Buffos Wake Rainbow Full of Sound – Fiona Bevan – Smith and Brewer – Sophie Crawford – Maz O’Connor – Truckstop – Honeymoon Hannah – Nicholson Paul Moseley – Jake Morely Django – Chutney Latemouth – Blake The Magic – Lantern Cyenfin

OG Community Stage

With shows from 9pm UTC each day of the festival, it’s said that this is the place where the OG artists from the Decentraland community will gather.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Harrison First – Ash Orphan – Glitch NFT Studio – Cromulon – Shark Anthony – Marcos Naide – Serena Elis – Eclectic Method – Misucmaker – Bufalo – Stoney Eye – Gucci Toe – Jack Frost Alien DJ – Ambie NFT – Bobby Yaps – Elyse – Martin Gerbs – Leo Pastel – Louie C. Rhymes – DAO Records – Anna Diorio – Hurric4ne Ike – José Cabrera & Vanessa Gil – Dj Lethal Skillz –

Casa Azul Stage

World Music at Casa Azul!

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
The Globo Collective – Jow – Thames House Orchestra Desta French – Gabriel Moreno – DG Solaris and Jeremy Tuplin Balkan Hot Club – Stephanie Santiago – Christalis Velasco Abdoulaye Samb – Three Cane Whale – Balladesta

Multi Techno Stage

MultiNFT is one of the founders of the Metaverse clubbing revolution and has already made an enduring impact on the path of the NFT sphere and the virtual club culture with its Techno Stage at the first The Metaverse Festival with over 6,500 attendees in claiming their Techno Stage POAP. Don’t miss what they’ve prepared for you this year!

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
RAGE AFTER PARTYS: 03am – 05am UTC Community Partner: The Holy Ones LINEUP: DJTRAX RAGE AFTER PARTYS: 03am – 05am UTC Community Partner: The Holy Ones LINEUP: DJTRAX RAGE AFTER PARTYS: 03am – 05am UTC Community Partner: Baby Dolls & Bverse LINEUP: Frenc – Mr.Sunny Rage After Partys: 03am – 05am Utc Lineup: DJTRAX Community Partner: Wisher Vodka

Tru Band Room/The Rocking Uniquehorns

Get ready for an all-new TRU Band Room experience at Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival 2022. They’ll have everything you’ve come to expect from TRU: Live performances from some familiar and new faces, dancing, and frens! See the current lineup in the image above.

TRU Band Room is a premier music venue in Decentraland for new and emerging musicians. Since October, 2021, the Band Room has hosted more than 350 shows, across multiple genres, including rock, hip hop, jazz, electronic, R&B, pop, and dance.

Jazz Club

The Festival District’s well known Jazz Club, as recently featured on NBC’s Today show, is hosting a jazzy after party on each day of the festival. Come by and relax after a long day of dancing.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Archie Comb Trio Aneta Wardell Eliane Correa Fletcher’s Brew


Tower of Babel

Inspired by Snow Crash and Decentraland’s theme of global community, the Tower of Babel experience takes inspiration from all cultures and a diverse range of architectural influences. When you step inside the structure, you’ll become enveloped by a special track put together with the help of the Decentraland community and the UK band, Losers. The track features 38 members of the community speaking the same phrase in each of their own native tongues. The final product is a unique and beautiful piece of music that speaks in 38 languages and is a modern day Web3 tribute to Carl Sagan and an experience you cannot miss.

The Voice: Metaverse

The Voice will be launching a Voice-themed game in Decentraland during the festival where fans will get to stand in front of Metaverse Coaches and collect “notes” to the beat of a song in order to get a chair turn—and win a Voice Wearable. Attendees will also be able to stop by the Voice set and snag selfies with current Coaches Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Camila Cabello, John Legend, and, of course, the legendary spinning red chair.

Backstage Quest

The best way to experience a music festival is through its backstage! The underground vibes, the VIP atmosphere, the secrets hidden from the rest of the concert-goers… Try and figure out how to get backstage and have fun exploring all the modern structures and spaces inside. Once you’re in, enjoy an alt-timeline festival: a 4-day program of the best DJ sessions from Decentraland!

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
GucciToe (@Defector*Dan) PANS (@PANSDJ) Bufalo (@bufalomusic) PopRoXxX (@DJPopRoXxX)
Serena Elis (@Serenaelis*) Mr.SwΞ (@MrSweMusic1)    

Follow the White Rabbit

While you’re running around the venue, you might come across the white rabbit (pictured above) who will challenge you to a fun chase through the festival. It will be well worth your while to follow her and to come back each day of the festival to chase her again—on the fourth day you’ll get some special rabbit Wearables for your efforts! Will you be able to keep up with her?


Decentraland’s racing experiences, DecentRally and Vroomway have teamed up for #DCLMVMF22 to bring you a wild, cyberpunk, Mad Max-esque racing experience to provide an exhilarating activity to keep you occupied between your favorite musical acts. Drop by and see if you can get the fastest time!

Metakey Tetris

After jamming out at the festival, kick back and have fun at Metakey’s Tetris game. Don’t miss the most addictive game in real life and the metaverse! Get the best score and win different kinds of prizes each day of the festival!

And more!

Mastercard SONIC Latinoamérica

The first Latin American music festival in the metaverse brought to you by Mastercard.

Join them in Nakatomi Plaza: 3 Latin Grammy 2022 Nominees, Musicians from 8 Latin American countries, 4 days of music, dancing, fun games, and music performances!

Tuesday Nov 8th Wednesday Nov 9th Thursday Nov 10th Friday Nov 11th
Henry the Poet ~ Dominican Republic Rogê ~ Brazil Sofia Campos ~ Argentina Lika Nova ~ Colombia
Inti & Vicente ~ Peru Mireya ~ Puerto Rico Agostini ~ Chile Bruses ~ Mexico

837/NEXT STAGE @ Samsung’s 837x

Nov 09-12 11pm to midnight UTC

For the first time ever, up-and-coming musicians will take the 837/NEXT stage for their metaverse debut during Metaverse Music Festival, happening in Decentraland from November 10th through 13th. Guests in 837X will have a front row seat as Warner Music Group and 300 Entertainment artists Yung Kayo, whiterosemoxie, Fase Yoda and Ambar Lucid rock the stage each night of the festival.

London Underground

Shaped and created in respect of the London Underground music scene. Many greats have performed in this club which may be one of Decentraland’s oldest dedicated music venues. For the occasion of DCLMVMF22, a special program has been prepared for Metalheads. If you can’t get through the door, then you can climb up the fire escape at the back and break your way in!

Watch Grammy Award Winner Billy Strings perform live from his two sold out shows at The Met in Philadelphia all weekend long!


Hourglass sessions were some of the first live streaming entertainment shows in Decentraland, presenting many top talents from the US during their weekly shows for the past few years. Always immersive and interactive, the Hourglass team always has the audiences interacting directly with performers. Come by and enjoy this Best of Hourglass compilation!

After Parties

Kraken Official After Party

Got after party plans? You do now! Make your way up to Kraken’s special elevated venue and party into the night on Friday and Saturday.

Friday Nov 11 with CJ TRAXX – 12 am UTC

Saturday Nov 12 with HARRISON FIRST – 11.40pm UTC

Meta Lite x TerraZero

Miller Lite’s Meta Lite bar is back with TerraZero to host four epic nights of Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival After Parties!

Discover new areas to explore in the Meta Lite Bar, with the unveiling of the newly designed garage and rooftops. Users will receive a new Wearable for each of the four nights they attend the After Party.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Wuki and Win and Woo (8pm EST) Wobblebug and Devault (8pm EST) Elohim and Autograf (8pm EST) Pluko (8pm EST)

Dollhouse Community Closing Party

The Dollhouse, a popular point of interest in Decentraland known for its DJ events and women in Web3 following, will be hosting a community afterparty following the close of the second annual Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival. An all-female music line-up includes LA-based house DJ Jes Danz, identical twin sisters DJ act Angel + Dren, and Stones Throw Records artist Maylee Todd hosted by her digital avatar Maloo.


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