The Sandbox and LEAPR Welcome Latin America To The Metaverse

One of Web3’s best-known virtual worlds, The Sandbox, has teamed up with the folks at LEAPR, the Buenos Aires-based firm known for creating Web3 experiences. The goal? A breakthrough in the metaverse for Latin America.

The Sandbox and LEAPR Studio announce a partnership. Image Credit: The Sandbox.

When Will The Sandbox & LEAPR Go Live?

As a matter of fact, the collaboration between The Sandbox and LEAPR is arriving in March of 2023. The project will be a game that incorporates NFTs and a narrative-driven plot line. As such, the game will be so immersive that it will strive to capture the zeitgeist of Latin America in Web3. This includes the ideals and aspirations of the team behind the project.

To this end, LEAPR Studio tweeted, “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Sandbox. Our studio is determined to expand LATAM’s talent around the world. If you’re eager to build inside the metaverse, LEAPR is here for you. Let’s work together! Take the leap.

There are a series of digital figures in a row, cascading downwards. They are green and look like tentacles.
LEAPR Studio is building a team from across Latin America for the collab. Image Credit: LEAPR Studio.

What Does This Mean For The Sandbox?

Make no mistake, this will be no one-off endeavor. In fact, The Sandbox and LEAPR have signaled that they plan to continue the partnership past the first game launch. In addition, LEAPR is putting together a team of highly skilled digital talent to create one-of-a-kind environments in the virtual world. With a nod to Latin American influence, of course.

Specifically, The Sandbox tweeted that they will be “expanding our presence and the community’s creative potential from the #LATAM region into the #metaverse!”


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