The Playboy Party People NFTs Are Set To Hit The Sandbox Metaverse

It’s time to party! For Playboy’s 69th birthday, the lifestyle brand, in collaboration with The Sandbox Metaverse, is releasing its first original NFT collection, The Playboy Party People. On December 2022, 1,969 NFT Avatars will launch on The Sandbox Metaverse. Let’s dive into the collection and the future utility of Playboy Party People.

Playboy, in collaboration with The Sandbox, is releasing the Playboy Party People NFT collection.

The Playboy Party People NFT collection details

The collection of playable Avatars will launch in two phases: the allowslist which will take place on December 5 at 2 p.m. UTC and the public sale on December 6 at 2 p.m. UTC. Each Playboy Party People NFT will be sold for 100 SAND through Polygon on the Sandbox website. Further, several Web3 communities will have priority access to the allowlist sale. This includes Playboy Rabbitars, the VIP members of Playboy’s Web3 community. There are also five rarity levels and ten one-of-ones, including common, rare, epic, legendary, and unique NFTs. Moreover, once the sale is over, you will be able to purchase the PPP NFT Avatars on the secondary marketplace through Opensea.

What’s the utility of the PPP?

Partying in the Sandbox isn’t the only form of utility in the Playboy Party People collection. Other than being a playable Avatar in The Sandbox, holding a PPP NFT unlocks several opportunities. In detail, holders will be able to enjoy and benefit from Sandbox’s upcoming Play&Earn feature, enabling holders to earn SAND through gameplay. Additionally, each PPP NFT acts as an access pass to future utilities, drops and experiences. It’s worth mentioning that The Sandbox has made it extremely easy to use your Avatar inside the virtual world. By simply clicking your Avatar in the Avatar Manager in The Sandbox Dashboard, you will be transported into The Sandbox Metaverse. Given these points, it’s time to become a Playboy Party Bunny and make your way to the future Playboy MetaMansion. Happy partying!



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