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All About Metaverse

The  Metaverse is the hypothesized next iteration of the internet? Or the day when you created your first Facebook account? Wasn’t the experience joyful, happy? All of your questions addressed with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes (maybe not)…

Thousands of people connected by a single spider-like web (not literally!) form a giant world-based community. In the simplest form possible, Metaverse can be described as the dream that we often had in our childhood when we watched all those science fiction films. Holograms, telepathy, transactions happening digitally in fractions of seconds, the amalgamation of the virtual and the reality.

What it is

Metaverse is formed up of two distinct words, “meta” and “universe”. It basically denotes anything and everything we can think of existing virtually. By “virtually”, we are talking about bankless transactions, swift and efficient connectivity, integrated usage of manual activities and reality, and much more. For example, consider cryptocurrencies, a form of fully digital currency that is devoid of any national or governmental jurisdiction. Or, consider VR (Virtual reality) and AR (Augmented reality) games like Star Trek: Bridge Crew, BeatSaber, and Pokemon: Go.

These are only some of the many feats that mankind has achieved towards reaching the metaverse.
Honestly speaking, it is impossible to define/quantify. In a nutshell, metaverse can be denoted by-
VR/AR Games
Virtual/Digital Transactions
VR/AR social connectivity (Facebook virtual meet? telepathy?)
Digital transportations (Think of Thor’s Bifrost or any other teleportation scenes)
And much more….

Where to find it

Many fan theories claim that we don’t have to search for Metaverse the Metaverse will find you. The best example of such would be the movie Matrix, which showcases a kind of Metaverse that co-exists with the real world. There are endless references that can be drawn out from this topic. Many believe that the happening of Metaverse is predestined and we humans are following our destiny to reach that day. Considering the progress of technology and digitization, enthusiasts believe it will still take 15-20 for us to successfully acquire the metaverse domain. Determined believers of the concept, like Facebook, have already started pouring billions of dollars to achieve this dream.
We are merely the spectators waiting for the ultimate revelation.

Who will build it

Me, you, and everyone else who seeks to attain lifelong benefits technology are capable to provide us!! It is us who have invented the wheel and the fire; and us who have also invented personal computers and the internet. There’s a famous quote necessity is the mother of invention. Therefore, the journey towards achieving the metaverse domain would be driven by mankind’s determination towards it. The dream of flying cars has already come to reality (remember Tesla Roadster with the SpaceX Thruster Package?) and so will be the dream of living in the Metaverse.

Who we are

We define ourselves as the “Shopify of Metaverse”. We help you set your own marketplace to connect with the metaverse community. Through NFTically, you get to launch your own white-label NFT Storefront without any technical hassle. Setup your, marketplace, mint your NFTs, and list them up for sale.

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