The Lightweight Library Announcement

Greetings everyone,

Today we are excited to announce the next piece of WINGS technology that is being open sourced — the WINGS Lightweight Wrapper, a highly optimized Ethereum RPC library which simplifies and accelerates Decentralized Applications (DApps) development.

This library can be used for efficient development of complementing back-end components for DApps, which are interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Serving as an alternative for the popular Web3 library, the Lightweight Wrapper allows developers to enjoy a range of improvements:

  1. A lightweight and robust operation which significantly simplifies the work with smart contracts
  2. A highly optimized system which enables rapid development without the need to delve into Web3
  3. Supports batching of RPC requests for increased scalability and cost savings

As we continue with our plan to open source different WINGS components, we invite developers to peer-review the code and submit pull-requests. We will also be launching a bounty program during Q2 in order to encourage the community to participate in the WINGS development process. More details will be posted in future blog posts.

The Lightweight Wrapper is available for an immediate release here:

We are looking forward to your features and suggestions for improvements!

As always, we and our valued community are always available via the following channels:


Telegram (English)

Telegram (Russian)



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