The Hundreds Cancel Badam Bomb Squad Drop Due To Royalty Feud

The creator royalty debate is still alive and well. Bobbyhundreds, co-founder of The Hundreds and Adam Bomb Squad, has announced that they will cancel the release of their second collection. The Badam Bomb Squad collection was supposed to be released on Thursday through Opensea Marketplace but due to creator royalties issues plans have changed.

So, where do we go from here?

Badam Bomb Squad is the second collection by the notable streetwear brand, The Hundreds.

Where did this all start, and what does that mean for the Badam Bomb Squad collection?

The creator royalty feud has been ongoing for some time and has frustrated many artists and founders. Marketplaces like Opensea have recently addressed this issue, but all they have come up with is “optional creator royalties.” Moreover, there was a lack of details in Opensea’s latest announcement. What should’ve been answered was whether or not royalties will be retained for existing collections, but sadly, this was left unanswered. This left a bad taste in the mouths of many creatives and founders, including the Adam Bomb Squad team.

The team had several meetings with Opensea prior to the announcement. They waited to see if they would side with the creators. Unfortunately, the team’s statement via Twitter stated that Opensea’s announcement addressing the issue didn’t come in time. However, fans of the Hundreds shouldn’t feel upset. The team also stated that Badam Bomb Squad will be released on their own website in the coming weeks.


What’s BBS?

Badam Bomb Squad is the second NFT collection of Adam Bomb Squad, created by the famous streetwear brand, The Hundreds. It is a collection of 5000 NFTs and has a mint price of .23 eth each. The project has also collaborated with established collections in the space such as CryptoPunks, BAYC, Deadfellaz, BRAiNVOMiT, Smilesss, DegenToonz, Amber Vittoria, VeeFriends, Vandalz, Crypto Packaged Goods, and Cool Cats.

Be on the lookout for the official release date for the Badam Bomb Squad NFT collection!


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