The Handbag Designer Society, a Web3 Community for Handbag Lovers

This season, the fashion web3 community expands with a new innovation: The Handbag Designer Society. Created in partnership with MINTX, this unique project supports handbag creators to develop and showcase their own visions through educational materials, social connections, and more. The best part? It comes from “The Handbag Fairy Godmother” Emily Blumenthal!

The Handbag Designer Society is a new project by Emily Blumenthal ready to support the web3 community of handbag designers. Credit: Instagram / Emily Blumenthal

What Is The Handbag Designer Society?

In essence, The Handbag Designer Society is a community-first Web3 project dedicated to handbag creators. This virtual spot connects emerging designers with industry leaders to bring their unique visions to life.

Accordingly, community members will gain exclusive access to educational resources on the handbag-making process. From design to distribution and legal matters, this place will provide you with the latest information in the market.

In fact, it’s no wonder The Handbag Designer Society supports creators this much. The project’s founder, Emily Blumenthal, is also behind The Handbag Awards and the iconic book “Handbag Designer 101.”

“The Handbag Designer Society will bridge the gaps for designers at all levels for community, support, and growth, and those who want to purchase their bags, and to make this handbag cycle a 360-process to have their brand be available to a larger audience,” Blumenthal said.

digital poster of the web3 community-led Handbag Designer Society
 The new project might expand the web3 handbag designers’ community through networking and accessible education. Credit: Instagram

The fashion NFT niche is undoubtedly among the fastest-growing domains on the market. Following the NFT boom in 2021, we’ve seen tens of luxury fashion brands’ NFT collections skyrocket in popularity. Balmain, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, YSL are just some of the names actively involved in NFTs right now!

Given this context, the web3 community will likely welcome the Handbag Designer Society with open arms too. With so many talented digital and physical designers nowadays, the community can only benefit from the easily-accessible educational content.



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