The Fabricant Present Its Web3 Fashion Experience: WHOLELAND

Kevin Murphy, co-founder and CEO of digital fashion house The Fabricant, recently gave a sneak peek into a brand new project called Wholeland. Through digital fashion, the project would like to empower individuals, allowing them to express themselves and embrace their flaws. Further, the collection will take you on a journey that will unravel through a multi-chapter story.

Even though most of the details remain a mystery, here’s what we know. 

The Fabricant’s new Web3 fashion experience, Wholeland.

Wholeland: what is it?

Wholeland provides an unforgetful experience, offering NFT drops, Web3 experiences, and collaborations with brands and digital artists. Digital fashion lovers will see the story unfold as they progress through the different chapters. Furthermore, the experience will combine fashion, mythology, and the rave scene. Moreover, Wholeland will start by launching a collection of wearable digital accessories called XXories. Holders will be able to use these NFTs as an access key into each chapter of the digital fashion story. Registration for this collection opens in mid-November on The Fabricant’s website.

About the digital fashion house

The Fabricant, the world’s first digital fashion house, was founded in 2018 with the purpose of disrupting the fashion industry in a way that’s never been done before. It sold the first-ever digital clothing NFT for $9,500 USD in 2019. Additionally, in April 2022, they secured $14 million in Series A funding due to their impressive list of collaborations. They’ve worked with corporations like Vogue, Off-White and Adidas, which have helped them establish themselves as a digital fashion platform. Here’s what the CEO said about the up-and-coming industry:  “Digital fashion is a vibrant young industry that’s reimagining what fashion can be when it exists purely in virtual worlds. We should be provocative and pushing boundaries every single time we create.”


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