The Company Behind STEPN Announces NFT Marketplace MOOAR

The parent company of the popular move-to-earn platform STEPN, ‘Find Satoshi Lab’ (FSL), is launching an NFT Marketplace called MOOAR. The new NFT marketplace is the third FSL product to launch, after STEPN, and the decentralized exchange, DOOAR. MOOAR aims to deliver a new NFT marketplace as a members-only space that supports Ethereum and Solana NFTs.

MOOAR is a brand new subscription NFT marketplace by FSL, the company behind STEPN.

NFT marketplace MOOAR is for members only

MOOAR is aiming to revolutionize the NFT marketplace industry. Users can expect a premium service with a monthly subscription fee of nearly $30. The platform will also have a launchpad to introduce new projects from creators outside the ecosystem.

Significantly, MOOAR will not take fees from sales. Instead, they will charge $29.90 per month for subscriptions. Therefore, this provides NFT art creators with more control over the funds they receive and means MOOAR will take zero profit of the sales.

On top of the 0% service fees, users will get access to exclusive unique projects and a leveling-up process that will add game elements to the NFT marketplace experience.

Moreover, the new NFT marketplace MOOAR uses creator-set royalties on secondary sales. They expect this to be between 0.5% – 10%.

Finally, MOOAR wants to empower creators and see this as a core value of its marketplace. In a blog post, they state, “We want to give back to the community, change the status quo of the NFT industry, and create a holistic ecosystem to empower creators and users.

The NFT marketplace is part of the wider FSL ecosystem

Find Satoshi Lab aims to become a completely self-sustaining ecosystem, removing the reliance on other systems and focusing on improving its product. One way holders can make the most of this is through voting on its launchpad. MOOAR will also use GMT, the FSL ecosystem token. 


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