The Beloved Tintin Comic Series Gets its First-Ever NFT Collection!

Get ready for an adventure as Tintin enters the world of NFTs! This exciting collaboration has resulted in two versions of the Tintin NFTs. A limited edition print run of only 777 copies and a purely digital NFT limited to just 1,777 pieces. Significantly, both versions feature “The Blue Lotus,” an iconic illustration created by Hergé in 1936 that recently sold at auction for a whopping $2.8 million. Ultimately, thanks to a partnership between Crossmint and Tintinimaginatio, the creator of Tintin, fans can now own a piece of Tintin history in the form of an NFT.

Own a piece of Tintin’s legacy with the “Blue Lotus” NFT collection.

Explore Tintin’s World Like Never Before With the First-Ever NFT Collection!

Experience the world of Tintin with the first-ever NFT collection of the iconic comic series! Crossmint, a blockchain infrastructure start-up, has teamed up with Tintinimaginatio to create two unique versions of Tintin NFTs. Each digital artwork is one-of-a-kind and includes Tintin’s travel locations. Additionally, holders can unlock benefits like early access to new versions of “The Blue Lotus” book before publication. Further, holders could even unlock exclusive passes to the Hergé museum. Buyers will also receive a digital brochure by renowned Hergéologist, Philippe Goddin. This offers an in-depth look at the creation of the Tintin series and Hergé’s artistic vision.

Belgian cartoonist Hergé created Tintin, the beloved comic character, in 1929. The series gained popularity for its intricate plots, meticulous research, and detailed drawings. Both children and adults enjoyed the books, which were frequently used as a learning tool in schools.

Although the Tintin series has been the subject of controversy due to its early books’ racist and colonialist undertones, Hergé later acknowledged his mistakes and took steps to rectify them. Ultimately, the Tintin NFT collection offers fans the chance to own a piece of Tintin’s history. The “Blue Lotus” collection is available for purchase on the Digital Tintin website!



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