The 2022 Decentraland Game Jam is here!

This year, the Decentraland Foundation is partnering with MetaGameHub DAO, the organization that created the DCL-Edit tool. This tool simplifies your workflow when developing with the Decentraland SDK so we’re thrilled to include it in this year’s Game Jam. To encourage more creators to discover the tool, MetaGameHub DAO will be offering their own set of rewards for entries created using DCL-Edit.

The Objective: Produce the most entertaining experience you can code for Decentraland’s community, using the various tools at your disposal.

Entries will be judged based on overall idea, game design, interactivity, creativity, and ‘wow factor’.

Decentraland Prizes

1st Place → 2 LAND + 5000 MANA

2nd Place → 1 LAND + 2500 MANA

3rd Place → 1 LAND + 1500 MANA

4th Place → 1 LAND + 1000 MANA

5th Place → 1 LAND + 750 MANA

6th-10th Place → 1000 MANA

11th-20th Place → 500 MANA

1st Place → $5,000 in MGH tokens

2nd Place → $4,000 in MGH tokens

3rd Place → $3,000 in MGH tokens

4th Place → $2,000 in MGH tokens

5th Place → $1,000 in MGH tokens

6th-10th Place → $500 in MGH tokens

11th-20th Place → $250 in MGH tokens

How to Enter

Entering your game in the Game Jam is easy—you just have to fill out a quick form. Besides your contact info, the form will ask you for any game instructions or additional information you think is relevant to share for the judges to properly evaluate your game. The way you’ll be asked to submit your game through the form is as one of the following options:

  • A public link to your Scene’s code from GitHub, GitLab, Dropbox, or BitBucket
  • A link to your published Scene in Decentraland, if you already had LAND to build on
  • A playable Heroku link

Enter your game

Competition Guidelines

  1. All entries must be submitted by June 14, 2022 11:55 PM UTC to be considered by the judges, unless otherwise stated.

  2. Entries must be a Decentraland Scene with a maximum size of 4×4 parcels, that works in Decentraland without any blocking bugs.

  3. You don’t need to own LAND to participate. The Foundation will deploy all winning Game Jam Scenes to Decentraland.

  4. To keep a level playing field, Scenes submitted for the Game Jam should have at least had a significant part of them developed during the competition. When submitting your Scene, you should clarify if you reused any prior work as part of the scene.

  5. All entries will need to be made open source so that their content is reusable by anyone in the Decentraland community. We need to be able to share the code, images, and 3D models of your scene, but the Decentraland Foundation will not own the rights to your scene in any way.

  6. Your Scenes need to be interactive. Interactivity can be modeled by having the player perform actions such as clicking, walking into triggers, etc, and should have some kind of meaningful effect on the Scene’s content. It’s also appreciated if a Scene connects to external APIs or utilizes blockchain technology, although it is not mandatory.

  7. If your Scene consists of a game with rules that aren’t obvious, you should provide instructions, either in-world or in the contest submission form. Judges will attempt to experience your scene as a user, they won’t read your code.

  8. If a Scene relies on a custom server to handle multiplayer messaging or other processes, you don’t need to submit the code used on the server, only the code used on your Decentraland Scene. To make judging easier, your Scene should connect to an existing server, rather than require launching one.

  9. Submissions must be entirely original, and the participant must own all rights to it and the content within it.

  10. No copyrighted material (music, images, etc), or trademarks (company names, logos, brands, etc.) may be used in the Submission(s), unless the participant is the owner. No other material owned by a 3rd party may be used. Submissions that use elements that are not original won’t be considered.

  11. The Submission must not contain material that is offensive, inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, or discriminatory, etc

  • While it’s possible to work on something by yourself, the best projects are often team efforts. We encourage you to reach out to any friends that could help you out. You can also potentially find team members on this Google sheet

  • If you’re new to Decentraland, our Docs page is a good place to learn the basics about our tools and how to create content for our platform:

  • The ‘Awesome Repository’ is filled with loads of, well, awesome examples and tutorials that can be very helpful when starting a project. It also contains links to several libraries that help make common tasks easy

  • These tutorials will take you on a deep dive about servers and how they can help you take your creativity to the next level:

  • If you just want to chat about the Game Jam and what’s possible in Decentraland, join our official Discord and start a discussion with the community in the #gamejam channel:

Good luck everyone! We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with—unleash your creativity, enjoy working together, and bring your ideas to life.

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