Step into a World of Magic & Mystery with ‘The Immortal Universe: Mayfair Witches’

AMC’s ‘Immortal Universe’ introduces “Mayfair Witches” – a new community onboarding initiative to expand the metaverse. The community brings together ‘spiritualists, witches, and all manner of powerful beings’ to express themselves fully and take control of their destiny. The Mayfair Witches Pass allows holders access to the magical, mystical world and explores its rich history.

How To Get The Immortal Universe: Mayfair Witches NFT Collection?

Following their successful “Interview With A Vampire” drop, the Mayfair Witches NFT collection empowers inclusive communities of enlightened, like-minded people to share ideas, learn, and support one another. The passes are out on March 7th on OpenSea, and each of them also reveals a unique piece of art.

Each pass grants holders mysterious powers. Moreover, it allows users to cast a spell on the blockchain, and will also give you access to exclusive members-only benefits which include:

  • Access to the Immortal Universe where you can Collect-2-Earn.
  • 2 signed Mayfair Witches Scripts and other autographed items.
  • Special guests to join exclusive Discord, including tarot readers, fortune tellers, astrologists, inspirational thought leaders, etc.
  • Scheduled “Witching Wine Hours”, where the community can connect virtually (and magically) to empower each other (first one to take place March 2023).
  • Access to trips to filming locations for Mayfair Witches and other supernatural/spiritual locations.
  • Giveaways of spellbox gifts containing lotions, potions, and tinctures.
  • Access to Limited Edition Physical Commemorative Item.
  • Access to Free Airdrops of Mayfair Witches NFTs.
  • Access to Exclusive Limited Editions of Mayfair Witches Mints.

Furthermore, one of the passes from this beguiling collection is to be revealed as a super unique 1:1 NFT with ultra-rare utilities. These exclusive perks include:

  • Guaranteed New Orleans trip to visit the set of Mayfair Witches.
  • A replica of the actual prop key from the series.
  • Signed script of the series.
  • Interview with the Vampire Immortal NFT Pass.
  • The Walking NFT package, which includes 3 NFTs.
  • A Corrupted Bot NFT from Orange Comet’s upcoming first Original Project.

More About The Collection

The Mayfair Witches Pass is the key to enter Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe. There are 6,667 digital assets in the collection. These assets come in 3 different rarity levels: Designated (10%),  Powerful (20%), and Gifted (70%).

“From the sensuous to the sophisticated; the uncompromising to the untamed; we invite you to join us on an epic voyage into the world of powerful witches, magnetic vampires and creatures of the night…and all that unfolds in the shadows.” states the official website for the project. 

For more information on the collection, you may visit the Orange Comet website. Orange Comet is also home to previous Anne Rice/AMC collections and you may explore what’s building in their magical world directly from there.



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