Sorare Saw 585K New Sign Ups During the 2022 World Cup

As the final week of the World Cup comes to an end, leading web3 fantasy sports platform Sorare saw 585K new sign ups on their platform. This is the highest statistics for a web3 based sports gaming company ever. The new members flooded in after the launch of their free-to-play World Cup game on November 10th. Read on to learn more about this historic news.

World Cup Winner Lionel Messi: The Official Ambassador of Sorare

Sorare Makes Web3 History During World Cup

Web3 Fantasy sports platform Sorare is an amazing resource for sports fans across the world. The leading sports game introduced their football world cup series earlier this month and fans and newcomers maximized their experience on the platform. Sorare has seen 585K new sign ups across all 3 of its games  – Football, MLB, and NBA. Additionally, the World Cup game stats equal more than 608,000+ players playing the game. With more than 37,000 private leagues created, of which 27K people have competed in the largest private league, Fiago’s.

Furthermore, Messi, Mbappe, and De Bruyne are the top 3 most drafted players:

  • Messi (in 5.47% of teams)
  • Mbappé (in 4.15% of teams)
  • De Bruyne (in 2.93% of teams)

The Sorare: Global Cup ‘22 is a free to play championship game on the platform. The majority of the national teams also have long-term partnerships with Sorare beyond the tournament. Fans and members can expect even more collaborations and partnerships.

About Sorare

A platform for sports fans, by sports fans – Sorare is a one of a kind NFT fantasy sports platform allowing members to create their own fantasy teams and compete against other players. The Paris-based platform also allows users to collect digital collectibles of players, teams, and members and trade them in marketplaces.



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