Solanaland Announces Public Pre-Sale of $SLAND DEEP Tokens

Solanaland, the Metaverse storefront platform on the Solana blockchain, is in the spotlight once more. This time with the announcement of its public pre-sale of $SLAND DEEP tokens. This development is may boost Solanaland’s visibility among investors and contribute to the platform’s growth and expansion.

Solanaland sale. Credit: Finbold

Groundbreaking Concept and Token Attraction

The cryptocurrency community has already shown interest in the $SLAND token, and more investors may soon follow suit. Solanaland introduces a revolutionary idea with 850 limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each corresponding to a unique virtual space in the Metaverse. Solanaland NFT holders can customize their space by incorporating original NFTs and fractional NFTs and even transform their space into a virtual store. A press release from Global Wire states that the pre-sale will begin on March 28, 2023.

For the forthcoming ICO, PinkSell, a Launchpad protocol, will serve as the platform. This collaboration has stirred enthusiasm and eagerness within the blockchain community. In order to safeguard users, the developers of the Solanaland community have introduced extra security measures, including a liquidity hold on Launchpad to counter potential threats such as carpet pulling.

Solanaland: Token Allocation and Pre-Sale Accessibility

According to Solanaland’s official website, the existing supply of $SLAND tokens is roughly $1,000,000. The pre-sale will account for sixty percent of these tokens, while the remaining forty percent will go to marketing initiatives and distribution to centralized exchanges. This pre-sale offers a chance for early participation in this groundbreaking project for those who are interested.

The public pre-sale of $SLAND DEEP tokens marks a crucial turning point for both Solanaland and the broader Metaverse sector. This development is likely to draw in additional investors, enhance visibility, and expedite the growth and expansion of the platform. The project incorporates NFTs and enables the creation of tailor-made virtual storefronts, The project seems to be well-positioned to establish itself as a prominent force in the fast-paced Metaverse environment.



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