Solana Spaces To Add 10 New Web3 Physical Stores In 2023

Web3 Phygital store Solana Spaces gears up for a monumental 10 store expansion in 2023. Following its first store opening in July 2022, the retailer plans to add London, Los Angeles, and New Delhi as new store locations. The store is a Solana themed access point to all things web3. The store offers crypto merchandise and education about the emerging tech. Read on to learn more about Solana Spaces.

Solana Spaces Store

What Will Solana Spaces Stores Offer?

Since the first New York City branch of Solana Spaces launched, it has helped push the envelope of web3 further. The store is located at Manhattan’s Hudson Yard Mall. The store has already welcomed over 30,000 visitors and onboarded over 10,000 people via web3 tutorials. The potential reach for the store in the next year would be around 200,000 people, stated founder Vibhu Norby.

“It’s our bet that Solana will change how retail is done. The next franchising business might be built on top of NFTs,” said Norby at the Breakpoint 2022 event in Lisbon. The store also aims to be the worlds first open source retailer. For 2023, they hope to onboard over 70,000 people into the Solana ecosystem. SpacesDAO, the popular Web3 infrastructure collective also supports each of these locations. The DAO (Digital Autonomous Organization) is offering $500,000 in capital, architectural plans, fixture specs, software, and monetization tools to build the project.

The project owner has also claimed to have “signed commitments from all over the world.” Moreover, following the recent FTX marketplace frauds, the retailer has announced the termination of its partnership with the platform.

More About The Project

Simply put, Solana Spaces is the world’s first permanent physical retail, educational and community space dedicated to Web3. The store aims to open conversations and educate masses about web3, particularly the Solana blockchain. Digital art galleries present various NFTs to visitors in their outlets. Non-profit NGO The Solana Foundation also opened “The Solana Embassy” at Wynwood, Miami to celebrate SOL culture.


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