Soft Sculpting Body Shaper Pieces That You Will Be Obsessed With

 Modeling belts provide other benefits besides disguising the fat. Find out what they are!

A sort of evolution of the corsets worn in centuries past, shaping belts are the new darlings of women, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. In general, the waist trainer is used to hide or disguise the extra fat that insists on staying in our waist, but its benefits go beyond shaping the body. Discover the advantages!

Thin waist

The most famous benefit of the shaping belt is the apparent temporary reduction in measurements, forming the famous “waist trainer for plus size women”.

Showing a slim waist is one of the most frequent desires among women, this is a very important aspect for aesthetics.

feminine, with emphasis on the breasts and hips.

With a more harmonious distribution of abdominal fat, the shaping belt provides a more pleasant aesthetic sensation, raising women’s self-esteem, making them feel more beautiful and more satisfied with their silhouette.

By contributing to the activation of circulation, the modeling belt improves the functioning of the lymphatic system and increases the elimination of toxins. As a result, there is a decrease in cellulite and localized fat.

Improved posture

By making the abdomen region firmer, giving support to the muscles, the modeling belt has the power to improve posture. This piece makes the spine remain erect, preventing the formation of the “hump”. In addition, with the improvement of posture, the consequence is that the belly is not prominent. This is especially beneficial for the appearance of those people who don’t have that much fat in their abdomen, but due to a postural error, they end up projecting this region forward. Using the  body shaper eliminates this problem.

Benefits of the shaping belt during pregnancy and after childbirth

Shaper belts should not be used in any way during pregnancy for the purpose of disguising the belly, as this can cause serious problems for both mother and baby, such as compression of the uterus, swelling, premature birth and compression of the breast. placenta. and the umbilical cord.

However, the correct use of this piece can bring benefits to pregnant women. Pregnant-specific shaping belts help support the growing belly, providing greater comfort for the mother and relieving strain on the spine. In addition, by offering support to the skin, the shaping belt helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The use of the shaping belt during pregnancy must be accompanied by the obstetrician.


In the postpartum period, the modeling belt helps to give women more comfort in activities such as moving around, coughing and driving, especially after a cesarean section. In addition, it helps to reduce swelling and sagging. In general, doctors recommend that women who have had a cesarean section wear the orthosis for 3 months, while those who have had a normal birth start using it only after the first month to avoid compressing the pelvic muscles, which can result in discrepancies of the bladder.

The advantages of modeling belts in the postoperative period

The use of the modeling belt is quite indicated after some surgeries, being considered as the final step of the surgical process in obtaining the results. This is the case with liposuction, liposculpture and abdominoplasty.

Generally, the plastic surgeon recommends the use of the modeling belt for at least 30 days after surgery, together with the retaining plate (used to prevent the belt from leaving marks or injuring the skin). The purpose of using this piece is to help model the skin, adjusting it to the new body contour, in addition to helping the posture to remain upright.


The shaping belt exerts pressure on the site that underwent surgery and prevents skin displacement, which facilitates healing and prevents the formation of swelling and seroma (post-surgical complication that consists of the accumulation of fluid near the scar, which can cause an inflammation). In addition, by promoting the fixation of the skin in its new location, the modeling belt prevents the appearance of sagging, which greatly impairs the final result of plastic surgery.

Modeling belt during training: does it work?

In order to shape the body, many women have resorted to using this piece even during training to enhance the loss of measurements. But will it work?

According to experts, the shaping belt unfortunately does not have the power to permanently tune the body, providing the silhouette improves only during use. Even the use of the belt during training can limit movement and cause injuries muscle.


If the belt is too tight, it can increase intra-abdominal pressure and impair venous return, which can result in appearance of varicose veins. In addition, a modeling belt that is too tight can interfere with chest movements and impair breathing.

That way, before resorting to the use of a modeling belt during training, always talk to your instructor or the doctor you trust, leaving only the advantages of this powerful piece.

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