Simon Rochfort Photography: Best Photos From Headshot Photographer

You can hardly find a person in this world that like their headshots. You’ll hear stuff like “Ugh, my hair is godawful,” or “I’m squinting too much,” or the usual “I look like I’ve just got out of bed.”  We’ve all heard these a million times. But does it always have to be that way? Even if you don’t consider having a gorgeous headshot photo important, it’s more beneficial than you might think. 

Photography is a genuine art. It uses colors, shades, light, dimensions, and perspective – all the things you can find in painting. And the human face is one of nature’s most unique creations. From there, it’s only logical to employ the highest level of photography to capture people’s beauty in all its splendor. Click here for more.

Technically, you can always pull off a solid selfie with your phone and call it a day. But professional headshot photography is a whole different league. 

An expert like Simon Rochfort, among others, goes to great lengths to find the ideal headshot for every model, paying heed to the slightest details that can make or break your shot. Instead of wasting countless hours online browsing the best lighting conditions or background, a pro photographer has already done their homework, and then some. 

Headshot or Portrait? 

Simon Rochfort Photography: Best Photos From Headshot Photographer

People often use these two interchangeably. When they see someone’s face in a picture, they go, “Oh, what a lovely portrait!” But that’s not always correct. Although both focus on a person’s face, there are a few critical differences. 

Let’s take cropping as an example. With portraits, photographers have much greater freedom. They can put the model anywhere they want and include plenty of background. But headshots focus on your face and shoulders, and everything else goes out the window. Some people don’t like that much focus on their facial features, but good lensmen know how to make it work. 

Next, lighting is very different in both scenarios. Headshots always use even light, especially on your face, which has to be perfectly illuminated. 

On the other hand, portraits rarely follow the same rules. The photographer can dim or increase the light, put the subject in half-shadow, and play with angles – the possibilities are endless. This is because headshots are typically used for professional purposes, while portraits belong to the art realm. 

The Benefits of Pro Shots

Simon Rochfort Photography: Best Photos From Headshot Photographer

When you see someone’s headshot, it’s easy to tell who did it. Of course, it’s possible to get a good picture yourself, but it will take a lot more time and effort. It’s like trying to cook the perfect Beijing duck when there’s already a restaurant with the best duck in town. Learn more on

A high-quality headshot is highly revealing. An experienced craftsman will emphasize your best features. In a way, they’re telling your story to the world. A lot of our personality is in the eyes, so they need to get the right look from you. 

Smiling is another major factor for a good headshot. The photographer can tell right away if your grin is natural or a put-on. With their guidance, you can present yourself in the most natural and flattering light. 

A well-made headshot is essential for anyone looking to build their career. Think about opening someone’s profile: do you first look at their photo or read the info? That’s right – a picture’s worth a thousand words, and there are no two ways about it. 

People who want to be taken seriously in their chosen field need a professional headshot that highlights them. Since employers can tell a lot about you just from your photo, it’s worth getting the best shot you can.

Also, a good headshot adds to your air of authority. You can have a stern facial expression and yet avoid looking cold or aloof. That’s something the photographer can bring out by careful positioning. They guide you through the process until you get the best and most complimentary version of yourself. 

And finally, if you have a brand, the headshot presents you and the company. Building trust and good rapport with future customers is vital, but if they see you in a bad and unprofessional light, they won’t think much of you. 

Choosing the Best Service 

Simon Rochfort Photography: Best Photos From Headshot Photographer

Not all photographers specialize in headshots. Even if it’s a reputable studio, they might not be experts in close-ups of people. Make sure you find a headshot photographer with a wealth of experience photographing people, particularly headshots. It’s a real skill that requires years of hard work until it’s perfected. 

Take your time to go through websites and compare offers. Seeing actual headshots from their archives and reading testimonials will tell you all you need to know. You can quickly distinguish between real pros and amateurs by the website information. 

They’re best avoided if they’re chockfull of sensational and bragging words. But if the compliments and positive reviews come from outside, then you’re on the right track.  

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