Sheikh Hamdan Introduces a 100-day Metaverse Plan For UAE

Sheikh Hamdan’s 100-day plan to bring government organizations into the metaverse is forging ahead. At a meeting with the Higher Committee of Future Technology Development and Digital Economy, the Crown Prince of Dubai affirmed his commitment to have Dubai be the global capital for the developing digital economy. In order to do so, Sheikh Hamdan needs government organizations to help him develop his vision.

Sheikh Hamdan sees Dubai as the de facto city for the digital economy. Credit: HamdanMohammad Twitter.

What is Sheikh Hamdan’s 100-Day Metaverse Plan?

Sheikh Hamdan’s goal is to add $2 billion to the emirate’s economy and create 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030. To do this, he kicked off the Dubai Metaverse Strategy in July of 2022. The 100-day plan is an extension of this ongoing initiative, aimed at onboarding government organizations. These new logos to the metaverse will bring significant traffic and may help Sheikh Hamdan reach his virtual jobs goal.

Five men in white garb sit around a circular desk overlooking a city in support of Sheikh Hamdan's 100-day plan.
Sheikh Hamdan wants to partner with businesses on the metaverse. Credit: HamdanMohammad Twitter.

Who Will Help Build The 100-Day Plan?

Sheikh Hamdan’s 100-day plan includes strategic partnerships to help attract more than 1,000 companies into the Web3 industry. These will consist of private businesses and event companies, that will service the metaverse. Additionally, Sheikh Hamdan wants to build a community of investors, startups, and creators to solve novel problems as they arise.

Eight men in white garb sit around a circular table, in support of Sheikh Hamdan's 100-day plan.
The 100-Day plan includes initiatives to educate citizens on Web3. Credit: HamdanMohammad Twitter.

Is Dubai Paradise For Crypto?

Sheikh Hamdan is colloquially known as Fazza, or “the one who helps.” It seems that he wants to help add some serious juice to Dubai’s digital economy with the 100-day plan. Moreover, the initiative will work to educate citizens of Dubai on the metaverse and its opportunities.

It appears Sheikh Hamdan is bullish on the future of crypto in Dubai.



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