Shaquille O’Neal Will Host The Meta VR New Years Party

A Shaq New Years is in order as Meta announces “The Shaq-tacular Spectaular” to close out 2022. The celebrity will be hosting the evening under his stage name, DJ Diesel. Star-studded performances include Cardi B, Ludacris, and Lil Yachty. The one hour Meta New Years Party will premiere on December 31st at 3:30 pm PT and run in a loop for the night.

Shaq is helping fans ring in the New Year with a VR Spectacular. Credit:

What Is “The Shaq-tacular Spectacular” This NYE?

The Shaq New Years event promises to be one to remember. There will be artists, celebrities, and experiences that are made to be enjoyed with Virtual Reality. Additionally, the production includes a vibrant set that will feature stadium-style entertainment. It will be “an epic neon-light performance” to ring in the New Year.

A club full of people dance to music played by Shaq.
Meta is partnering with big names for “The Shaq-tacular.” Credit:

Who Is Producing A Shaq New Years?

Meta has been pursuing mass adoption of its metaverse platform with original experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. “The Shaq-tacular Spectacular” builds on that momentum, not only in attention but also in partnerships. Meta is teaming up with Westbrook Media, Media.Monks, and Shaq’s Jersey Legends Productions.

Westbrook Media is Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s media company. Media.Monks is an award winning digital-first advertising agency. In fact, these heavy hitters join a league of Web3 Companies that have been fueling interest in the metaverse.

Shaq sits at a table in front of two plates with sandwiches on them.
Meta continues to press forth with metaverse adoption. Credit: Guy’s Restaurant Reboot Twitter.

How Is Meta Continuing Metaverse Adoption?

Meta’s play to become the entry point for the metaverse continues with an unparalleled content strategy. To this end, the names involved with “The Shaq-tacular Spectacular” lend a lot of weight. Moreover, with the sociability of the special and its looping nature, fans will have flexible options for tuning in at any point in the night.



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