Sappy Seals Tease the ‘Grand Plan’ on Twitter

One of the most promising new NFT projects, Sappy Seals, made headlines on NFT Twitter with its new roadmap – and for a good reason. The project founders posted a single photo on Twitter that allegedly includes all of the team’s plans. Now, the community must decipher the meaning behind the mysterious illustration, so are you in too?

Sappy Seals’ new roadmap is becoming viral as users try to decipher the real meaning behind each illustration posted on Twitter. 

What Is Sappy Seals’ “Grand Plan” All About?

“Roadmaps suck; We prefer this.” – that’s how Sappy Seals revealed its new roadmap on Twitter on March 9th. However, this is far from the roadmap we’re used to. Unlike most projects that want to explain their future plans as clearly as possible, the team shared one mysterious illustration. It looks like this:

image of the Sappy Seals roadmap
The team’s roadmap is, in fact, a collage of illustrations waiting to be explored by their users.

Accordingly, this image contains all of the upcoming Sappy Seals launches, collaborations, and other innovations. Obviously, collectors went into a frenzy trying to uncover the meaning behind each illustration in the photo. The only clue from Sappy Seals is that a hidden gift is embedded in the image!

For now, the only thing we know for sure is this:

“Expect a lot more content like this as we begin to level up the brand and embellish the ecosystem,” the team mentioned via Twitter.


Why Is Everybody Interested in This Project?

Sappy Seals is a collection of 10,000 avatar NFTs built on Ethereum. This community-led project aims to unite NFT enthusiasts through memes, good vibes, and tech innovations.

For example, the team launched a generative meme platform back in January. Basically, this feature uses AI tech to generate memes for their Sappy Seal collectibles. Similarly, the project is also planning to launch a Meme Editor to accompany the new AI generator suite.

If this project managed to thrive during a bear market, this project is definitely worth following this year as their mystery roadmap uncovers.



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