Ryan Carson Exits Advisorship From Crypto Venture Capitalists VCX

Ex-Moonbirds COO Ryan Carson has announced his departure from the VCX investment club. On Twitter, he announced a few statements regarding the terms of his exit. Ryan stated a lack of trust to be the primary reason. Learn more about the move below.

“Transparency and accountability are important.” – Ryan Carson

Why Did Ryan Carson Leave VCX?

Ryan Carson met with the VCX team earlier this year inspired by their democratization and high quality deal flow promises. Being an NFT thought leader, Ryan was open to the idea of bringing in more value to the space. On his official Twitter thread stating his exit. he claims that he did not personally take the time to investigate the backgrounds of his fellow VCX team members. He then stated that he received no pay whatsoever for his duties as Advisor, or from mint or secondary sales of the VCX membership passes.

Post mint, Ryan received an influx of messages insisting he run background checks on the VCX founders and team. It is after this that he confirmed his decision to leave. Ryan has not however, mentioned any specific reasons regarding his findings other than a personal lack of faith. This is a perfect example of leadership and transparency within the growing industry.

Ryan has also announced a refund on the official VCX discord as well as on Twitter. He said that he will be refunding money to people who invested in the company owing to his recommendation. Furthermore, he has also stated that he will still honor his part of the VCX deal to allow ex-VCX holders to invest in his upcoming project.

VCX has also responded to his exit in their own twitter thread. They state that their doxxed team has the required expertise and know-how in the finance world. “We will deliver what we promised we will deliver, and we will continue to work with our partners and do the proper due diligence to bring the best deal flow we can access.” the team stated.


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