Rug Radio’s RugDAO Looks To Change Its Voting System

Rug Radio’s DAO, RugDAO, presented a new proposal titled “Voting Governance Amendment aka Quorum Proposal.” The new proposal aims to lower voting quorum limits to something more realistic and achievable.

So what does this voting governance amendment mean for RugDAO members? Let’s dive into the details.

The Recent RugDAO Proposal

On December 20, 2022, the proposal was posted, allowing the RugDAO community to either vote for or against it. Voting for the proposal ends on December 27, so members have five days to get their vote in. Further, a total of 822 RDAO were used for voting on the proposal, resulting in 100% approval thus far. In addition, there are zero people who voted against it at this time.

So, what does the proposal contain? For starters, Tanja Nicole, a member of the RugDAO council, has worked side by side with the community to develop the proposal. The purpose of this was to provide a more opportunistic quorum level for the community. As a result, access to DAO funding and support will become more efficient, while maintaining security of the DAO’s assets. Furthermore, if the proposal passes, the voting system will require less community input for future proposals that receive substantial amounts of affirmative votes. In contrast, unfavourable proposals will require more community input. “By implementing dynamic voting, the curve of required votes for a proposal to pass follows the sentiment of the community,” stated Nicole in the proposal.

To specify, if passed, the proposal will reduce the quorum level from 50% to as low as 10%. Moreover, the holders of RugDAO who are presenting this proposal believe that lower quorum levels are crucial for the success of the DAO. Finally, members also believe that it will enable builders to use the DAO’s resources to expand the Rug Radio brand. 



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