Rug Radio x Cory Van Lew PFPs are Minting Today!

Rug Radio’s much-awaited PFP NFT collection with artist Cory Van Lew is all set to drop today, February 6. Rug Radio, the Web3 media company by Farokh Sarmad, is yet to announce the launch time. However, in a special episode of the GM Web3 show at 10:30 ET, Cory and the SyndicateDAO team will join Farokh to reveal the time and mint links. 

Here’s all you need to know about Rug Radio’s NFT PFP collection:

Rug Radio x Cory Van Lew NFT collection drops today.

What is the NFT PFP Collection From Rug Radio?

Titled “Faces of Web3”, Rug Radio’s PFP NFT collection features generative art avatars in popular multidisciplinary artist, Cory Van Lew’s signature style. According to Farokh, the project represents the Web3 culture and aims to make Rug Radio fans more “visible”.

“It’s giving our community a face,” Farokh told Decrypt. “My main goal with this is just for the community to be happy [and] to have something to be proud of.”

What are the Mint Details?

After months of planning, Rug Radio’s PFP NFT collection will drop today. What’s more, the team will give away a Rug Radio Genesis NFT to someone who retweet’s this tweet from Farokh! With the Genesis NFT, the holder will be able to mint a PFP with 690 $RUG.

However, with NFT scams on the rise, make sure you mint from the official links. Even if you see any seemingly authentic links shared by the official Twitter account of anyone from the team, make sure to double-check their authenticity. As Farokh warned on Discord: 

“I will confirm the exact link to mint on Spaces and video at the same time so please be careful of scams, etc. Even if you see a random tweet of mine with a sudden mint link, please question that. Unless you hear it FROM ME on AUDIO and VIDEO, do not click anything.”



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