Rogier van der Weyden – An Early Netherlandish Painter (15th Century)


Rogier van der Weyden – Early Netherlandish Painter (15th Century)

Rogier van der Weyden or Roger de la Pasture (1399 or 1400 – 1464) was a highly successful painter of his time. He was an early Netherlandish painter and most of his surviving art works consists of altarpieces, diptych portraits, religious works and singles commissioned works. He received commissions for Philip the Good (Netherlandish nobility) and foreign princes. His art works were exported to Italy and Spain. It in the later half of the 15th century when his got so famous that he had eclipsed Jan van Eyck in Popularity. It was quite famous till the 17th century but he was forgotten mostly by the 18th century. Today, after nearly 200 years he has again got famous and his reputation is rebuilt. He is known with Jan van Eyck and Robert Campin. He is widely popular as one of the most influential Northern painter of the 15th century. 

Very little is known about his education and training as an artist or painter. It’s was during the late 17th century when most of his important works were destroyed. Hans Memling was one of his greatest followers.


His noted art works

Paintings Gallery 

The Crucifixion Triptych, 1440.

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