Reddit and The NFL Team Up For a Free NFT Launch

This month, Reddit makes a comeback in terms of NFTs with its free NFL-themed drop! Basically, any NFL Reddit user will be able to claim a NFT avatar to celebrate this year’s Super Bowl in style. The digital assets will be available via the Reddit app without needing any advanced blockchain knowledge!

NFL and Reddit teamed up for a unique, free NFT drop to celebrate the Super Bowl on February 13th! Credit: Reddit

Reddit x NFL NFTs: How Can You Get a Free Collectible?

Are you ready for Super Bowl LVII? If so, Reddit and NFL are here to help you support your favorite team with free NFTs. The two joined forces to create unique avatars based on the iconic Reddit mascot, Snoo. Accordingly, users can pick between four teams:

  • The Champs;
  • Chiefs;
  • Eagles;
  • LVII Super Fans.

Note that each person can claim a single collectible per Reddit account. Even so, users have already minted over 651,800 NFTs since the launch on February 6th. What’s more, the collection has amassed 3 ETH in OpenSea trading volume – a promising outlook for a free drop!

If you’re a Reddit user and an NFL fan, you can claim an NFT from your favorite team for free until February 13th when Super Bowl begins. Each collectible will be available in the “Your Stuff” section of the Reddit app personal profile.

image of a Reddit collectible for its collection with NFL
Each Reddit user can mint and access their Super Bowl-themed collectible via the Reddit app.

Did Reddit Launch Any Other NFTs Recently?

Reddit made its NFT debut back in 2022 when it released CryptoSnoos, its first Collectible Avatar. At the time of writing, the platform users have already minted +9M collectibles built on the Polygon blockchain.

Judging by Reddit’s huge number of NFL enthusiasts, its free NFT drop will probably skyrocket to success. After all, the app’s r/NFL section boasts more than 195 million monthly views.



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