Rarible Expands Aggregated Marketplace to Add Support For Tezos and Polygon NFTs

Leading NFT marketplace, Rarible, today announced it is adding support for Tezos NFTs. With this, the marketplace will now aggregate listings from various Tezos NFT marketplaces such as Versum, Objkt, fxhash, and Teia. Apart from this, Rarible will also start adding Polygon listings from OpenSea.

Let’s take a closer look at Rarible’s latest updates and what this means for the industry.

Rarible just announced Tezos aggregation! Credit: Unsplash

About Rarible adding support for Tezos

Amid the environmental concerns over Ethereum NFTs, Tezos quickly rose to popularity as a greener alternative. Thanks to its lower energy consumption, it has become home to a host of dApps, NFT collections, and brands, including McLaren. Several acclaimed artists such as XCOPY, Blake Kathryn, Killer Acid, and John Karel have also dropped their NFTs on the chain.

With Rarible’s focus on becoming a “home” for creators and communities, it’s a natural progression for the marketplace to aggregate Tezos NFTs. After all, Tezos is much loved among artists and creators, making it an excellent choice for Rarible’s aggregated marketplace.  

Moreover, both Tezos and Rarible align in their vision to enforce creator royalties. In other words, it is important for both companies to respect artists and their ability to earn future royalties. To be sure, all marketplaces on Tezos enforce creator royalties.

Homepage of Rarible NFT marketplace
Rarible has been rigorously expanding its business. Credit: Rarible

Rarible is growing its multi-chain aggregation

With its Tezos support, Rarible’s aggregate marketplace will now host listings from Tezos marketplaces including Versum, Objkt, fxhash, and Teia. What’s more, just a week ago, the marketplace added support for Polygon NFTs from OpenSea. These moves make Rarible one of the first marketplaces to incorporate this level of multi-chain aggregation.

“By adding support for more chains like Tezos and Polygon, we’re enhancing the marketplace experience for users, giving them access to more listings than ever before through one user-friendly platform,” said Alexei Falin, Co-founder and CEO of Rarible. “We see aggregation as beneficial for artists and creators as well because it opens the door for their creations to be discovered by new sets of eyes.”

“Anyone who is familiar with Rarible knows that there are many facets to our business. What unites all these parts together is the underlying principle that every one of our products will in some way elevate creators and their communities. We are and will always be community-centric.”

Launched in 2019 by Alexei Falin and Alex Salnikov, Rarible has been steadily building its platform to support artists and creators. All in all, the platform is well on its way to cementing itself in the NFT marketplace space. Apart from its aggregated marketplace, the NFT company has also been focusing on growing its community marketplace products. A recent addition to this effort is a self-serve tool to help anyone to make their own Polygon marketplace in just a few clicks. 



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