Rare CryptoPunk Sells For Six-Figure Sum!

There’s no bear market for rare CryptoPunks. The NFT collector and trader ‘Punks OTC’ bought CryptoPunk #2202, the 19th rarest of the collection, for 190 ETH ($353,000 USD). There are only 11 other six-trait CryptoPunk like this one. Let’s take a closer look at this iconic purchase.

What is the Rare CryptoPunk #2202?

Cryptopunk #2022 is a female punk showcasing six features: hot lipstick, an earring, straight hair, classic shades, a mole, and a choker. That makes it the 19th rarest on a collection of 10k. Therefore, it is extremely valuable.

A screenshot of CryptoPunk #2022.
CryptoPunk #2022 is one of the rarest of the collection.

CryptoPunks are often considered the first real NFT project. Larva Labs, a company created by Matt Hall and John Watkinson, launched this 10k NFT collection in June 2017. At the time, they could be claimed for free. Today, the floor price is more than 56 ETH, which represents roughly $100,000 USD.

Who is Punks OTC?

Punks OTC, the new owner of CryptoPunk #2022 is well-known in the NFT ecosystem. He has more than 11k followers on Twitter and launched the first-ever NFT OTC desk. After his purchase, he posted a tweet to explain how satisfied he is to own the rare punk.Quite excited to acquire not only a 6 attribute punk, but her choker makes her the rarest of all 6atts and the 19th rarest overall punk! Thanks to the legend @seedphrase”.

The seller, Daniel Maegaard, aka Seedphrase, is also a famous NFT collector. He made a fortune by investing in Bitcoin and altcoins almost ten years ago. Additionally, he’s the owner of CryptoPunk #8348, the rarest of the collection. Besides this, he’s now a DJ and participates in different collaborations with legacy fashion houses and ventures in art and gaming.



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